Going on vacation is relaxing, but there’s a lot of planning that goes into leaving your cares behind. The Internet is a great help when it comes to buying a ticket, renting a car and learning all about your destination.

But unfortunately, finding the right vacation rentals is not the easy, frictionless experience that it should be. Internet searches do not quickly direct travelers to the perfect rental at the right price – they return pages and pages of results that range from the ideal to the not-even-close, in no particular order.

Finding the right rental on the Internet is time-consuming and frustrating, but automation is changing that. Artificial intelligence can now aggregate and personalize search results, so vacationers no longer have to jump from website to website looking for what they want at a price that fits the budget.

Finding a rental will soon be frictionless, because automation is tackling the three pain points that make it a difficult experience today:

Too Many Results. The rental you want is out there, but it could take hours to find it. Web searches bring a flood of results that must be sorted through manually. Artificial intelligence can narrow down the inventory of search results without losing any that might be attractive. One of the main benefits of automation is that it can cut away the dead wood, taking significant time out of the search process.

Irrelevant Results. Today, search engines have only a few criteria to match the searcher with the appropriate result. That means most results for any query are not relevant enough. This is another pain point AI can remedy, by discerning the real intent behind the search. Search results that are not relevant come from the lack of data segmentation in search engine results, as well an inability to identify user cohorts. Taking these concepts into account is what enables search results that are far more personalized.

Not Locating the Best Deal. People looking for a vacation rental today have to look at multiple websites—and narrow their searches by date and location on each site—before they can compare prices and find a good deal. After putting in significant time, searchers opt for what they hope is the best rental at the best price. Artificial intelligence enables a new kind of search, one where multiple results from multiple websites can be aggregated and displayed on a single page. This saves significant time in searching, and the user knows for sure he or she has found the best deal within their travel dates, destination and other parameters.

VacationRenter is the service that will make the entire vacation relaxing, including the planning. It will not just save significant time that used to be spent jumping from one website to another, but offer certainty that the traveler has found the perfect rental in the ideal place for the right price.

Every vacation is different. It’s going to be great to have an AI-enabled service that understands that.