While some travelers will always want the convenience of a chain hotel, a growing number are seeking authentic getaways and want accommodations that offer them a taste of local culture.

There’s never been a better time to own a vacation rental property, but even the most adventurous travelers will insist on certain amenities. Knowing which are the most important—and highlighting these—is one of the keys to bringing in guests, whether you currently own a vacation rental or are in the market to buy one.

VacationRenter compiled data about the amenities that are most important to travelers, and tips for people looking to buy and market a rental property.

If You’re Looking to Buy a Property

If you are looking to acquire a property that can be rented out to travelers, the first step should be determining which cities are the most popular destinations for short-term renters; some markets are hotter than others.

To maximize income from the property, think in terms of renting it year-round, as this is more lucrative than offering a seasonal rental.

Some owners also prefer to buy a rental property in a place they enjoy visiting so they can visit a few times a year, while renting it out the remainder of the year.

Most importantly, look to acquire a property that has some of the amenities travelers want, including a swimming pool, a balcony, a kitchen, laundry facilities, a hot tub and adequate parking.

If You Already Own a Rental Property

If you already have a property that travelers can rent, think in terms of maximizing its potential by offering and highlighting the most sought-after amenities. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t add a swimming pool, because there are other perks travelers are taking very seriously.

Making your rental pet-friendly, for example, is a way to appeal to more travelers. Our data shows that accommodating pets is second only to offering a swimming pool when it comes to important amenities.

Other important features include air conditioning, Internet access and television. Below is a breakdown of amenities, which we’ve ranked according to their importance to travelers based on relevant searches:

Amenity Rank (1 highest)
Pool/Swimming 1
Pet Friendly 2
AC 3
Kitchen 4
Internet 5
Balcony/Patio 6
TV 7
Laundry 8
Parking 9
Hot tub/Spa 10

Whether you already own a rental property or are looking to acquire one, offering the right amenities is one of the top ways to ensure a steady stream of renters. But if you don’t put these amenities on display to the people searching the Internet for the right accommodation, it will defeat the purpose of offering them in the first place.

Create social media pages for your property to bring better visibility to your offerings. A great option is an Instagram page, which many travelers leverage to draw inspiration for places to go and where to stay. Since Instagram is one of the most visual social media platforms, it’s a great place to showcase your property’s amenities and build an aesthetic that will draw travelers in and prompt them to book.

Marketing the property will be important, so don’t limit yourself by simply listing on a website or two. List your rental with services like VacationRenter that pull personalized search results from the top travel sites across the Internet.

Considering the top amenities travelers seek and improving the marketing of your short-term vacation rental property is a win-win – you’ll provide travelers with a better vacation experience, and you’ll achieve a more lucrative rental business.