What are you doing right now? I mean this second. Whatever it is, wouldn’t it be better if you were doing it in a tropical paradise? With the sound of birds chirping, waves lapping, and trees swaying caressing your ears. Get a Kauai vacation package and that could be your reality right now. Finding the best deals on Kauai vacation rentals takes a little practice and a lot of patience. Kauai is the fourth largest of the Hawaiian islands and plays host to thousands of visitors each year. Check out these tips to find the best deals on Kauai vacation rentals.

Best Time to Visit Kauai

Booking Kauai vacation rentals very early or very late results in some of the best bargains. Most vacationers plan and book their vacation rental almost a year in advance which means you’ll get some discounts for early reservations but the best deals are to be had when you wait for the last minute. Book 30 days or less before your vacation start date and you’ll encounter rental owners and management willing to bend the rates a bit to fill their empty vacation homes.

The very best deals on Kauai vacation home rentals are found during the off-season. Visitors head for the island in droves during the summer months between mid-June and August. The prices are highest when the kids are out of school and families are heading out on vacation. Check out the rates during early spring (March through May) for great rates that are much lower than prime season rates.

Pro traveler tip: Do you consider yourself an expert surfer? If so you should visit Kauai during the winter months. Not only will the island be less crowded, but the waves will also be bigger than any other season. Just remember to watch the surf report and exercise caution. The waves here can get over 35 feet high!

As a bonus, if you visit during winter you’ll also have a chance to see some whales around the island. Humpbacks travel to Hawaii’s warm waters in the winter to rear their young. If you want a better chance to see these magnificent beasts, take a whale-watching tour with Blue Dolphin Charters.

Things to Do in Kauai

Family Friendly

If you and your family are taking a Kauai Vacation, you’re almost certainly going to the beach. With all the world-class beaches to explore on the island, who could blame you? When you’re traveling with the little ones it can be hard to know what beaches are best to accommodate new swimmers. Luckily Kauai has just the beach for you. Poipu Beach on Kauai’s south shore has all the amenities needed to keep your whole family comfortable all day.

The park that surrounds the beach has restrooms, showers, and picnic tables. The perfect place to have a midday picnic. The beach itself is split into two halves. One is a natural wading pool protected by lifeguards. You can relax on the sands knowing your children are safe. The other half is deeper, offering exciting snorkeling opportunities.

Romantic Adventures

Imagine exploring into the heart of Kauai, just you and the person you love surrounded by the tropical jungle. If you’re on a Kauai vacation you can turn your imagination into a reality. Head over to Wailua Kayak Adventures and rent a two-person kayak. You’ll need to work together to traverse the Wailua river together. That kind of teamwork is guaranteed to bring you two closer as a couple. The incredible sights along the way are sure to ignite sparks to boot.

The Wailua River is the largest river on the island. Over 20 miles of tropical landscapes border each side of the river. The river also feeds two different waterfalls. What better place to give your partner a big wet kiss, island style.

Furry Friends

Taking a vacation is a double-edged sword. We all love getting away from the monotony of everyday life. We all want to explore the world and see the wonders it has to offer. But it’s heartbreaking to leave a pet behind. We’re their whole world. So why not just simply take them with you. Be sure to check the pet policy of the place you intend to see if they allow pets. If you look hard enough you might even be able to find a Kauai vacation package that includes pet-friendly options.

The island itself is very welcoming to pups of all kinds. There are even two dog parks where you can let your four-legged friends off the leash, figuratively and literally. The North Shore Dog Park is free for the public to use. They even have an annual fundraiser called Strut Your Mutt. You and your pup can socialize and maybe even raise some money to keep this park going.

Where to Stay in Kauai

Once you’ve studied the Kauai map, it is time to determine which type of Kauai vacation rentals suit your needs. A Kauai vacation home rental at a beach house with a beautiful veranda gives you that “right at home” feeling while a cute cottage might be plenty of space for you and a special guest. Towering condos and all-inclusive resorts offer exciting activities and amenities like pools, water slides, and even lazy rivers. Resorts and condos offer amenities that are perks for their price while private homes have benefits like tranquil evenings and no neighbors. See if you can get a Kauai vacation package to consolidate all of your getaway plans in one place. Hawaii is waiting for you.

Pick a Coast

There are plenty of beautiful Kauai vacation rentals all over the island making it tough to decide exactly where you want to stay. The South Shore has the sunniest days and pretty condos on the beaches while the East Side comes in a close second. Sheltered from the winds, these areas of Kauai are the most popular. The North Shore is known for big waves (head to Hanalei Bay for a great surfing spot), jungle landscapes, and plenty of rain while the West Shore is relatively isolated and makes travel a little more difficult but rates are lowest in this area. If you stay on the West Shore, be sure to check out Waimea Canyon. It was dubbed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific” by Mark Twain.

Stay Flexible

Don’t get stuck on one type of Kauai vacation rental or become obsessed with the North Shore of Kauai. Stay flexible and you’ll find great rates in areas you might not have thought of or selected but that fit your needs. Check out condos off of the beach for amazing bargains and skip the all-inclusive resorts if you want to manage your money. Staying further inland also means staying closer to the magnificent waterfalls on the island. Missing out on a few sunsets from the balcony might save you big bucks to spend on Kauai island adventures not included with your home or condo rental.

Your Kauai Trip Awaits!

The volcanic island of Kauai is a tropical paradise. Whether you choose to stay in a Kauai vacation home rental or opt to go for an all-inclusive Kauai vacation package, you can’t go wrong. Just kick back, relax, and go with the flow like the warm Hawaiian breeze that’s soon to be kissing your face, begging you to stay. Ready to start planning your trip? Find your ideal vacation rental at VacationRenter today!