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Where to stay in Tijuana

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Where Is Tijuana Located in Mexico?

Known as the westernmost city in Mexico and Latin America, Tijuana is located on the Gold Coast of Baja California. Situated about 210 kilometers west of the state capital of Mexicali, Tijuana is bordered by the northern city of Imperial Beach, San Diego, the southwest city of Rosarito, and the southern territory of Tijuana Municipality.

What Is Tijuana Known For?

Rough and ready are the buzzwords when it comes to describing the city of Tijuana. Gritty and rakish, the city is a far cry away from the paradisal golden beaches and flavorful colorful streets that one normally flocks to Mexico for. However, the authentically hedonistic Mexican spirit entrenches itself into every corner of “The Gateway to Mexico,” attracting tourists like moths to a brightly burning flame. Visitors can discover a varied cocktail of amenities from a lively nightlife scene to a burgeoning array of sophisticated restaurants and bars. Contemporary art galleries and eclectic cafes line the pasajes, while several other districts are nuclei of upscale elegance and super-hip coolness.

Where to Go in Tijuana

  • Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT): One of the most popular attractions in Tijuana attracting over a million visitors per year, the Tijuana Cultural Center has a variety of diverse programs and pursuits for all ages, including early stimulation classes for infants and toddlers; artisan art workshops for teenagers; and an expansive choice of activities from concerts, conferences, films, or exhibitions for adults. The crowning jewel of the complex is the OMNIMAX cinema, the only IMAX cinema in Tijuana. Designed in the shape of the sphere, the movie theatre utilizes a 360-degree projector to surround the audience with a uniquely innovative panoramic image. Through the medium of its several initiatives, the goal of the CECUT is to educate, entertain, and enrich all age groups at the same time.
  • Mercado Hidalgo: A colorful and lively market, local proprietors sell their wares at Mercado Hidalgo, from delicious locally made produce to authentic street delicacies and artfully designed handicrafts to knick-knack housewares. Whether you want a piñata or a papaya, you are bound to find the very best of them at Mercado Hidalgo.
  • Playas de Tijuana: Although Tijuana’s surrounding cities offer superior beaches to relax and recline on, Playas de Tijuana still manages to deliver an inarguably pretty solution that is available on your doorstep. Stretching for around four kilometers, Playas de Tijuana is an extensive succession of beaches that follow one after another. There are ample opportunities to partake in several waterfront activities — whether it is adrenaline-pumping water sports, stretching out on the golden sand and catching some rays, or simply strolling down the Malecón and taking in the views whilst consuming plate after plate of seafood specialties. Clean and light, the Playas de Tijuana is gentle and mild for a relaxing getaway.

Popular Destinations Near Tijuana

  • Rosarito: Located 16 kilometers south of the U.S. border and situated southwest to Tijuana, Rosarito is a stunning coastal city that was once the preferred Mexican getaway of the Hollywood elite. The creme de la creme of “Golden Age Hollywood” which included Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, and Katharine Hepburn all chose Rosarito as their favored Latin sanctuary, away from the flashes of bulbs and pushy paparazzi in Los Angeles. Today, the beaches, dance clubs, and an endless list of outdoor activities attract young and beautiful people from the States, especially during long weekends and holidays.
  • Imperial Beach, San Diego: Thanks to its eight kilometer proximity away from downtown Tijuana, Imperial Beach perfectly marries all-American charm with exotic Mexican flavor. A residential beach city in San Diego and the southernmost city on the West Coast, Imperial Beach is plentiful with clean sandy beaches, a lively nightlife scene, as well as an endless choice of classic water sports and outdoor activities. A hop, skip, and a jump away from Tijuana, Imperial Beach is the perfect locale to sample the glitz and glamor of Californian life effortlessly combined with Latin soul.

Best Neighborhoods in Tijuana

  • Zona Rio: The main modern business district of Tijuana, Zona Rio is the perfect place to sample the cosmopolitan coolness of the city. Home to numerous regional headquarters for commercial companies and health services, as well as several upscale hotels, high-end restaurants, and trendy nightclubs, Zona Rio exudes the very essence of the phrase “work hard, play hard.” Stylish, urbane, and effortlessly sophisticated, Zona Rio is the place to go if you want to feel like you’ve never left home.
  • Zona Centro: The downtown district of Tijuana, Zona Centro is home to the main tourist scene of the city. Despite not displaying a representative or authentic image of Tijuana, Zona Centro is still the epicenter of all tourist activity where passing and lasting visitors congregate to sample the kitschy bars, authentic tapas eateries, and hip little boutiques. Skip down the cobbled streets and explore the shadowy plazas to discover the hidden gems of the city, from a booming art scene, elegant wine-tasting seminars, and fun-filled dance classes. A standing paradox of grime and chic, Zona Centro emanates a distinct character all by itself.

Home-types in Tijuana

Tijuana has a variety of property types for you to consider when booking a trip. Here are the most popular property types in Tijuana:

Points of interests in Tijuana

Tijuana has several popular points of interest for you to check out when visiting the area. Here are the most popular points of interest in Tijuana:
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