Catch a glimpse of less touristy areas of Orlando on your next vacation to Disney by staying at a charming Bed & Breakfast! Whether you’re staying near the airport for convenience or hitting all the Disney, SeaWorld, or Universal Studios hot spots with your family, there’s a bed and breakfast to accommodate your needs while giving you a tranquil respite after sightseeing in the hot sun. Florida is waiting for your arrival and your next stay in Orlando is bound to be a memorable one!

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Something different

Think beyond the big-box hotel when visiting Orlando. Bed and breakfasts are accommodations you typically find in homes, and they have the personalized feel of small inns. You of course also have the option of newly popular boutique hotels that may be smaller than the usual Orlando-area hotels. We love to recommend this style of rental for many reasons, one being, it’s a cool way to experience a new area. 

One of the best parts of staying at a bed and breakfast, instead of a large hotel, is the uniqueness of your stay. Every B&B host puts their own touch on the experience, as you’re likely in their home. People often overlook bed and breakfasts in favor of higher-priced or flashier hotels, but choosing the right B&B can add just the right amount of personal touch to your vacation.

Breakfast is a guarantee

What’s better than waking up on vacation, and walking downstairs to a fresh cooked breakfast? At a B&B, breakfast is included with your accommodation rental. Hosts often cook up their specialty dish to impress their guests. Sure you can grab a generic continental breakfast at one of Orlando’s many hotels, but what beats a delicious homemade first meal of the day cooked by someone who cares about their food? Plus, those eggs at that hotel definitely are not cooked in a pan.

Local love and flexibility

Spending time at a B&B means you are being welcomed as a guest into someone’s home. This means your host is likely a long time resident, take advantage of this by asking for recommendations for great activities to include in your trip!

Another advantage of booking a bed and breakfast in Orlando is the owner’s range policies. With a corporate hotel, there are many policies in place that may not make sense, but when staying in a B&B you will likely be dealing with one person in charge. A number of bed and breakfasts offer flexible check-in and check-out times, but you should always give the owner a head’s up when reserving or call if you’re late to arrive. 

Pet friendly

Not only do many bed and breakfasts allow pets to stay, but many owners also have their own pets on the premises, much to the delight of younger guests. If you’re traveling with your pet, there are plenty of vacation rental homes with big backyards that allow pets to stay. Small inns and bed and breakfasts within homes may be a bit more limited when it comes to allowing guests to bring in pets. Some may make an exception depending on the pet, or they may have a special room to accommodate families with furry friends. Read more about how pet-friendly Orlando is here.

6- Family Friendly

Family-friendly bed and breakfasts often have a variety of rooms and suites to accommodate families of all sizes. Outdoors, instead of a hotel water slide or water park, you may find a butterfly garden or certified wildlife habitat at a bed and breakfast. Here, kids can roam and you can relax. Staying at a bed and breakfast is an ideal way to help the kids (and you) be able to unwind after a busy day at Disney.

Bed and breakfasts are typically located within walking distance to shops and restaurants, which means you don’t need to use your car to venture out to dinner. If you or your children have a late-night snack attack, many bed and breakfasts offer guests easy access to their kitchens, where you can grab goodies. Be sure to ask the proprietor if this is okay before you tiptoe down to the fridge in your bathrobe.

Is there an advantage on costs?

Southern hospitality at a bed and breakfast may come at a lower cost than at a full-service hotel in Orlando. It pays to compare prices and amenities. At the end of the day, it comes down to how comfortable you and your family will feel with the noise and bustle of larger hotels or the quieter and more intimate contact with fellow guests and innkeepers that you can have at a bed and breakfast. Depending on the bed and breakfast you choose, you can find as much luxury or value as you desire and even get a better deal than you would when staying at a major hotel.

If you are looking to avoid a big box hotel, but still want to enjoy the privacy of your own place during a family trip, check out this article about picking the perfect rental for your next vacation to Orlando.

Your charming vacation starts now!

This alternative method of accommodation is recommended for travelers who enjoy a local and more intimate vacation experience. Also, we love opting to stay in a bed and breakfast because it supports the local economy. Find the one that is right for you, book a stay, and enjoy your vacation to Orlando!