Whether you’re in Austin for work or play, a vacation rental offers comfort, privacy and convenience during your stay. Austin vacation rentals come in all shapes and sizes with varying amenities to help you put together the best trip possible. Before you book your stay, check out these tips on finding the ideal Austin vacation rental.

Choose the Right Austin Neighborhood


Austin is separated into dozens of neighborhoods, and each one has a unique personality and different things to offer. When looking for Austin vacation rentals, learn about the neighborhoods and select the one that suits your family, has the vibe you’re looking for or offers the type of experience you want on your trip. Hyde Park is one of the more popular neighborhoods for families or people looking for a quiet, laid-back vacation. It’s filled with picturesque historic homes, charming coffee shops and markets, and there are fewer crowds. On the flip side, South Congress has a bigger nightlife and trendier scene and is filled with young, artsy crowds and is a bit more upbeat.

Consider Local, Austin Attractions

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If you’re in Austin on vacation, you’ve likely narrowed down a few attractions that you want to see while you’re in town. Choosing a vacation rental that’s near Zilker Park means that you can wake up in the morning to go for a jog and enjoy the beautiful views or kayak out in the waterways in the afternoons. Renting a vacation condo Downtown means you’re right in the center of the action and just a short walk from many of the more popular restaurants and clubs in the city. Determine where you plan to spend most of your time, and select a vacation rental that offers a short commute.

Think About the Type of Texas Rental You Want


Austin vacation rentals offer comfort and convenience for any size party. If you’re in Austin with a large group and plan to cook meals rather than eat out, renting a large home with a kitchen is ideal. You can enjoy family-style meals around the table. Have fun with it and take turns as chef each night, or plan theme nights. Some even have swimming pools and other luxury amenities to enhance your vacation time. However, if you’re in Austin to experience the local barbecue, two-step the night away in a dance hall or just spend most of the time exploring the city, a smaller vacation loft rental or studio provides a comfortable space that may make more sense.

Get Around Austin Easily


The last thing to consider when selecting an Austin vacation rental is how you’re getting around town. If you have access to your own vehicle, your options are wide open because you have the freedom to go anywhere at any time. Otherwise, opt for a rental that’s within walking distance of the places you need to go or right on the MetroBus line so that it’s easier to move around town.