South Lake Tahoe rentals for vacations come in many shapes and sizes. There are plenty of choices right on the waterfront or a little farther south, in the middle of town and closer to restaurants, grocery shops and other amenities. Take your pick from all-inclusive resorts, hotels, cabins and vacation rental homes. First, you’ll want to decide which area to stay in.

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  1. Close to the Mountains
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    In winter, Lake Tahoe is packed with skiers who can’t wait to get to the tops of the slopes. If that’s why you’re heading to Lake Tahoe, make sure you’re as close as possible to the ski hills to avoid commute times. Your best bet is the far east side of town near the point where Highway 50 meets Pioneer Trail.

  2. Downtown South Lake Tahoe
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    Whether you’re into skiing or not, South Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place to stay. If you’re not overly worried about commuting back and forth from the ski slopes, consider booking a vacation rental in the town’s center, south of Tahoe Keys. All along Highway 50, you’ll find a variety of grocery stores perfect for keeping the kitchen of your vacation rental home well stocked.

  3. Tahoe Keys
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    The Tahoe Keys are a collection of residential streets that begin at the waterfront. There are some private vacation home rentals and resort options in this quiet area. If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious than the other rentals, you’ve found it. Fewer amenities are found near this section of town, but there are one or two restaurants on the outskirts.

  4. Waterfront Lake Tahoe

    Do you want to enjoy both the beautiful lake view and the ski resorts? No problem. Get yourself a hotel, condo or resort room along the southern edge of Lake Tahoe. You can even find cozy cabins in this area, so pretty much anything goes. Whether you’re traveling on your own, as a couple, as a family or as part of a group, you’ll find something perfect along the lakefront. Restaurants are plentiful towards the east in the Bijou neighborhood.

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    It doesn’t matter if you’re vacationing at Lake Tahoe for the fantastic scenery, the chance to see wildlife or, of course, the ski resorts. You can’t lose. This beautiful piece of the country has so much to offer that, even if the ski trails melt, you’ll still be able to enjoy yourself. Rent a hotel room, a country-style cabin, a vacation home or apartment, or go all-in for an all-inclusive suite. You won’t be disappointed.