Beautiful blue water, stunning views, and plenty of ways to stay and play make Torch Lake a wonderful destination for a family getaway. Camping or renting a cabin here will take solo travelers and families alike on a stunning journey through the beautiful landscape that makes up this gorgeous lake and surrounding area. If you’re planning on getting rugged and planning a vacation to the great outdoors, here are 10 things you need to know for a successful and fun Torch Lake camping experience.

Why Torch Lake?

Torch Lake stretches for 19 miles and at more than 18,000 acres in Michigan’s second-largest inland body of water. That means there are plenty of different areas to consider camping, and if you’re planning on seeing the sights on foot, you’ll need some comfortable shoes.

Glamping Options

Making s’mores around the campfire is a fun adventure, but if you want a few more home comforts, consider glamping instead. Choose from cozy vacation rentals, cabins with waterfront views, and RV parks. Glamping can be the perfect option for those traveling as a family so the elements don’t get on the nerves of the little ones. This style of camping combines the comforts of any modern hotel while still being in the middle of mother nature.

Pro traveler tip: Want to skip out on having to bring the tent and sleeping bags and enjoy a camping-like experience without the hassle? Consider glamping as it is the perfect option.

Discover the Natural Beauty

The lake is an area of natural beauty, forming part of the Chain of Lakes that covers more than 75 miles of the state. Bring your camera, because you’ll want to capture these views. The Torch Lake Natural Preserve offers unmatched views of the picturesque forest that surrounds the resort towns.

Pro traveler tip: Want to take the natural escape of the surrounding nature to a new level? Outrider Horseback Riding allows one to experience nature from an equestrian level.

Rent a Boat

To get the most out of your stay, you need access to a boat. There are places to rent vessels of all types and sizes if you don’t have your own. Dockside Watersports has it all covered with many different types of rentals to choose from. From Jet Skis to Pontoon rentals this place has it all. Make sure the time is taken to enjoy this beautiful lake from the water.

Pro traveler tip: Most rental places will have all necessary safety and other assorted gear available onsite. So there is no need to worry about what to bring other than the excitement of getting out on the water.

Explore the Different Beaches

Only a few of the lake beaches are open to the public, so make sure you know the best spots. The beach at Alden is one place to try if you want to swim and sunbathe, and it’s a lovely spot for watching the sunset. Torch Lake Township Day Park also has a public access beach that offers the perfect place to lay out a blanket and enjoy a waterfront picnic.

Pro traveler tip: Although very fun to relax at the beaches at Torch Lake are a bit rockier and better for walking than they are for laying down and catching some sun such as is the case at other traditional beaches.

Enjoy a Picnic

As mentioned before Torch Lake is the perfect place for a picnic. If you don’t want to fire up the grill or head to a nearby town for dinner, pack a lunch and head to the beach at William K. Good Day Park. As well as a public access beach, there are numerous pavilions and picnic tables that make dining a delight.

Pro traveler tip: Some parks and other sites will have pre-installed grills for public use. So if the fire strikes, cook up some steaks or grill some vegetables. All that is needed is the charcoal and some lighter fluid.

Action on the South End

The sandbar at the south end of the lake is well-known as a tourist hot spot thanks to the shallow waters that make it easy to drop anchor and relax. crowds and bots gather here for a festive atmosphere that is worth seeing. If you want to dodge the crowds, head to the north end for a quieter experience that is peaceful and makes one feel more connected with nature.

Pro traveler tip: Rent a boat as aforementioned in this article and head over to the sandbar with friends or family for a fun day interacting and mingling with the locals.

Check out the Floating Burger Bar

Wherever crowds gather there are clever entrepreneurs on hand to sell their wares. It just so happens that at Torch Lake the crowds are on the water, which is why on busy days you’ll find The Burger Barge serving fast food to revelers at the sandbar. Stop by here for a mouthwatering burger while enjoying a day out in the water. A perfect spot to feed the family as well to maximize the time spent on the water.

Pro traveler tip: Don’t be fooled thinking this is just another tacky tourist attraction. These burgers are absolutely to die for and are priced well so it’s sure to keep both the belly and the wallet full.

Enjoy a little Fishing

The lake is home to lake trout and brown trout, perch, Atlantic salmon, and muskellunge. Dangle your line for long enough, and you may get a record-setting bite. Whether casting from the shoreline or a rented boat this experience is sure to be one that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Pro traveler tip: Forgot to bring the bait and tackle on this expedition? There are plenty of local places such as Butch’s as well as Riverside Marina that have all of the fisherman’s needs.

When to Visit

On Independence Day, the south end of the lake becomes the stage for a massive fireworks display. Rent a boat and watch the rockets from the water for a truly memorable experience. With plenty of other events taking place all summer long be sure to check the calendar to choose which week in June, July, or August is best to go.

Pro traveler tip: Being that this is a seasonal attraction when it comes to events. There won’t be too much going on here during the winter months. However, that doesn’t mean there is still loads of beauty to explore during this time of the year as well.

Where to Stay on Torch Lake

An ideal place to stay for families in Torch Lake would be The Lakeview Hotel at Shanty Creek Resort. Comfortable large rooms, as well as a swimming pool, makes this place perfect for the little ones. In the winter this resort also offers some ski runs for those looking for a little bit of action.

A great place for those who are bringing their furry friends along would be the Stone Waters Inn. The Inn has the look of the 20th century but features all the modern amenities of today. Bring your pet here for an experience with your best four-legged friend.

A wonderful option for couples coming here on a romantic retreat would be the Inn at Torch Lake. This cute assumingly cottage style is a very luxurious Inn that features homemade breakfast every morning as well as lake views from the rooms. All of this combined creates a romantic ambiance that will be in memory for a lifetime.

Torch Lake is the Spot!

Torch Lake is the kind of place that offers unmatched sights and attractions that are found nowhere else in Michigan. Whether it’s spending a day out in the water on a rented boat or having a picnic on one of the many lakeside parks that live here. There is an exciting experience for every visitor coming here. Catch some sun in the day and go to town or enjoy the stars at night in this exciting little piece of the state. Book a trip here now for a relaxing vacation that will have you wondering when you can return.