Visiting the Hawaiian Islands is a dream vacation for many people, providing relaxation and adventure. However, with eight islands in the archipelago, it’s useful to know a few tips and tricks for traveling like a pro to ensure the reality of your stay lives up to the dream.

    1. Get a GuidebookIf you want to travel like a pro, you need pro knowledge, so invest in a guidebook. The “Revealed” books by Andrew Doughty are well-regarded for revealing many secrets that many tourists don’t know.
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    1. Know Which Islands You Want to VisitThere are eight islands in the archipelago, but only six are accessible to tourists, and only four are regular tourist hotspots. Trying to see all four of the major islands in a single vacation is exhausting and potentially expensive, with inter-island flights costing a decent amount each way, so you might want to focus on visiting just one or two.
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    1. Choose the Right IslandEach island has its own character and attractions. Take the time to research all of them carefully, and then select the island that best suits your needs. For example, Oahu is home of the capital city of Honolulu and, as the major hub of the archipelago, it’s the best place to stay if you intend to travel between islands.
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    1. Rent a CondoRenting a vacation condo is a more private alternative to staying in a hotel, and it often works out to be more cost effective. Additionally, access to useful amenities like a kitchen and washing machine means you get all the benefits of a staycation on your vacation, making it possible to create a little home away from home for a more comfortable and relaxed experience.
    1. Check the TemperatureIt’s almost always hot in Hawaii. During the summer months, temperatures soar to the high 80s while in the winter temperatures are still usually in the low 80s.
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    1. Consider Visiting in WinterThe location of the Hawaiian islands means temperatures don’t vary greatly. Going for a winter vacation means you have the chance to save some money and avoid the crowds while still enjoying sunny days and beautiful beaches.
    1. Set Your BudgetThere’s plenty to do, so make sure you’ve got a budget in mind. Take into account the costs of inter-island flights, car rentals, accommodation, drinks and dining out.
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    1. Rent a CarDepending on where you’re staying, you may need a car. For example, Maui is the second-largest island and boasts some stunning mountain roads, so a car is useful for your sightseeing adventures. It’s easy to get around the Waikiki area using public transportation, on the other hand.
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    1. Take a Helicopter RideThere’s no better way to see the islands than from the sky. A helicopter tour is ideal for getting a good look at the waterfalls and mountains on Kauai.
  1. RelaxYou’ll be tempted to do as much as possible, but don’t spend your whole vacation dashing between islands or struggling to check off every attraction. Take time to lie on the beach and sip a cocktail. You deserve it.