When planning a vacation to Las Vegas, you can easily stay on the Strip or in Old Vegas Downtown. Though many people aren’t aware that these are two different locations, the Strip is what everyone knows and is home to top places to visit in Las Vegas. Downtown, or Old Vegas, is the home of the classic Fremont Street casinos of yesteryear that everyone remembers. It’s also the home of local hangouts such as vintage bars, lounges and shops. Downtown hotels are all modern, or going through updating, and they may be less expensive than what you’ll find on the Strip. But if you’re hoping for a more local experience — maybe a quieter spot to sleep, but with all the feel of a luxury Las Vegas hotel — a condo rental may be right for you.


Las Vegas Condos Downtown

Though you’ll find many condos in Las Vegas housed in what look to be high-rise luxury hotels, they’re actually located in buildings that are called “resorts.” The full-service condos look just like hotel suites — such as what’s on the Strip — but are far quieter and somewhat less costly based on how many bedrooms and bathrooms you prefer.

However, if you look on some of the side streets, you’ll find more of a suburban feel with single family-style condos with backyards, pools and all the amenities of home away from home. If you’re coming to the area for business or for play and you’re bringing family, these are some of the best and most spacious options for Las Vegas vacation rentals. Condos like these are often a few miles away from both Fremont Street and the Strip, but they can shield you and family members from the bright lights and the noises of Las Vegas casinos and nightlife.

If you’re staying Downtown, you’ll enjoy the Fremont Street Experience, a five-block district featuring the world’s largest video screen, free light shows and entertainment taking place on three stages. There’s no need to drive; just park and walk through the experience.


Condos on the Strip

If you opt to stay on the Strip, you’ll still be close by a few miles to Downtown. On the Strip, condos are found in luxury hi-rise hotel-style resorts. Hotels on the Strip may actually be slightly lower in price than condos on the Strip. But you’ll save an enormous amount of money overall if you opt for a condo where you can store groceries and cook most meals. Condos on the Strip also come with the wide variety of amenities you’d find at a luxury hotel, including a swimming pool and modern electronics and appliances.

Be aware there are three portions of the Strip. There’s South Strip, Mid-Strip and North Strip. South Strip is chock full of luxury hotels and casinos, so it’s a prime area for first-time visitors to Sin City. Mid-Strip also has big-name casinos and hotels. It’s great for newbies, but it’s also located smack in the middle of activities. The North Strip is the part of the Strip that isn’t quite as developed as the rest of the area, and many things here are closed or still in construction mode.


Condos Off the Strip

Virtually any area near or around the Strip means you’ll be close to Downtown. As with condos on side streets near Downtown, go a mile or so off the Strip and you’ll find more suburban-style accommodations in ranch or two-story condo communities, many gated and with a pool included.

Remember that condos in Las Vegas are also meant to appeal to the corporate guest who’s in town for a convention and who may or may not have traveled with family, too. That’s why you’ll find vacation rental condos that have luxury amenities and come fully furnished and outfitted with linens, kitchenware and more. Often , when you’re staying at a condo off the Strip, you won’t realize you’re even in Las Vegas.


Condos Off the Beaten Path

The farther away you go from the Strip and from Downtown, the more residential and suburban the area. But even in these Las Vegas-style bedroom neighborhoods, you can find vacation rentals, as well, and they’re all about 15 minutes away by car from the bright lights and action of Las Vegas proper. You may be able to find some major casino hotels in the area, plus some excellent eateries, but also check out condo vacation rentals that are affordable and packed with amenities.

By opting for a condo that’s well outside the casino walls, you and your family can enjoy outdoor activities such as golfing, hiking and even fishing. One of the other great parts about vacation condos off the beaten path is that parking is easy and right near the door, which is ideal for convention-goers who need to unload boxes and materials and for vacationing families who are on the go.