Looking for the best brunch in Austin? The city is a foodie town wrapped around a live music scene and a funky culture. It’s a fun place to explore on vacation and a great place to go out to eat. Here’s a list of what to expect with brunch in Austin.


    Austin has some spectacular views. If you grab brunch by Lady Bird Lake, you’ll have a waterfront view. Dine alfresco at a downtown eatery with patio seating.

  2. Weekends

    Weekends were made for brunch. It’s mostly a Saturday and Sunday treat with hours typically 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., but this can vary. A few restaurants and food trucks offer brunch on weekdays.

  3. Elaborate Food Concoctions

    The difference between breakfast and brunch can be seen in the elaborate food concoctions. The menu goes beyond eggs and bacon. Expect to find breakfast pizzas, fried chicken and avocado, nutty scones and fancy pancakes in Austin.

  4. Healthy Options

    The hippy vibe in Austin includes eco-friendly restaurant options for the earth-conscious, healthy-minded diners. Many use local organic ingredients. The culinary staff caters to diet restrictions like gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian.

  5. Live Music

    Live music is playing on many corners around the city. Some brunch spots include live music entertainment while you’re dining. Listen to jazz, country or a blend of music genres while feasting on Austin’s finest brunch food.

  6. Texas Classics

    Visitors enjoy tasting Texas classic dishes. Brunch steps out of the box in Austin with menu items like smoked brisket, fried green tomatoes and Texas barbecue. Hot sauce almost always accompanies any meal.

  7. Non-Traditional Foods

    Your dining experience offers non-traditional foods served at brunch in several Austin restaurants. Consider taste sensations of Asian dim sum, small plate tapas, Italian pastas with wine and Mexican quesadillas with sangria.

  8. Alcoholic Beverages

    Brunch is a fun time to complement your meal with an alcoholic beverage. Drink menu options could include fruity bellinis, sparkling mimosas, bloody Marys with horseradish and spicy Texas cocktails.

  9. Buffets

    Some of the restaurants offer buffets for brunch with traditional brunch foods or ethnic options of taco bars with margaritas. These all-you-can-eat buffets are ideal for big appetites. Plus, there’s no wait to get served and prices are usually less expensive than ordering à la carte.

  10. Kid-Friendly Diners

    You’ll find lots of diners and restaurants with kid-friendly atmospheres. Kids’ menus serve smaller portions with foods kids tend to like to eat, which might be chicken fingers, spaghetti and grilled cheese sandwiches. Austin has many restaurants with outside dining options, so you don’t have to worry if the kiddos get a little loud or messy.