When affluent residents of the Big Apple long to escape city life, many head to The Hamptons. Resting on the South Fork of New York's Long Island, this collection of seaside communities features expansive beaches, pastoral farmland and picturesque villages.

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  • Laundry

About The Hamptons

Are you interested in seeing how the 'other half' lives? Here's what you can find in and near The Hamptons.
  • East Hampton: Come here if you are looking to spend the day shopping, dining and admiring pretty seaside homes.
  • Southampton: Make this your first stop if you want to find a string of aristocratic mansions sure to make your jaw drop.
  • Sag Harbor: Find centuries-old buildings and pebble-laden beaches, and then learn about local history at the Whaling Museum.
  • Montauk: If you're looking for a relaxed seaside village, head up the Montauk Highway to the east end of the Long Island peninsula. Here, you can fish, surf, enjoy fresh seafood and make a trip to the local lighthouse and museum.

How many rentals are available in The Hamptons?

There are 3,243 vacation rentals available in The Hamptons across several booking partners.

What is the price range for rentals in The Hamptons?

Vacation rentals in The Hamptons have a price range between $70-$15,000. The average price for rentals in The Hamptons is $862 per night.

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