Mt. Pleasant, SC, is located close to Charleston, between the beaches of Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island. Known for its historic Old Village, waterfront dining, and Shem Creek fishing village, Mt. Pleasant is a place that brings vacationers back again and again. Explore Mount Pleasant's outdoor recreation, sightseeing, and entertainment by booking a vacation rental today.

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  • Air Conditioner
  • Internet / Wifi
  • Kitchen / Kitchenette

Where should you stay when visiting Mount Pleasant, SC?

Whether you opt to stay close to the historic area or book a waterfront rental overlooking the harbor, this Southern town is easy to navigate. Learn about the different areas below:

  • - Old Village District: Stroll through this district with 18th-century architecture and yesteryear charm. Shop in vintage boutiques, sip wine in one of the bars, and take in waterfront views.
  • - Memorial Waterfront Park: Just by the Ravenel Bridge, this park is a gathering spot for locals and visitors. Kids can play on a nautical-themed playground. Families can enjoy touring the historical war memorial and cultural arts pavilion or picnicking on the lawn.
  • - Palmetto Islands County Park: This 943-acre park offers a natural setting with bike paths, boardwalks, creek fishing, and a play area. A 50-foot observation tower provides spectacular panoramic views.

How many rentals are available in Mount Pleasant?

There are 1,923 vacation rentals available in Mount Pleasant across several booking partners.

What is the price range for rentals in Mount Pleasant?

Vacation rentals in Mount Pleasant have a price range between $52-$4,568. The average price for rentals in Mount Pleasant is $416 per night.

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