Planning a trip to Venice Beach, Los Angeles?

Consider these five tips to ensure a seamless vacation to a fantastic beach.

  1. Where to Stay
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    Consider the luxury holiday rentals in Los Angeles that give you the opportunity to feel like you’re home when you’re really on vacation. Venice Beach is a great place to spend a week or a weekend, and determining your ideal location will simplify getting around. Pacific Avenue is a busy area with lots of hustle and bustle, so you’d have shops and restaurants close by. Oceanfront rentals allow you to walk out the door to the beach with the steady breeze and the ever-present aroma of salty air. If you stay near the 1,300-foot Venice Pier, you’ll get a chance to meet local fishermen, tourists checking out the area and locals who know where to catch the most spectacular sunset overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

  2. Bring Your Wallet
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    Be sure to bring your wallet if you plan to shop. There are plenty of gift shops for souvenirs and clothing stores to entice shoppers. If you take a stroll down the mile-and-a-half Venice Beach boardwalk, you’ll want small change to tip the entertainers along the way. This boardwalk area is an ideal way to experience the culture and the personality of Venice Beach. Street vendors, performers and artists provide the entertainment for tips.

  3. Get a Day Pass for Muscle Beach

    Go ahead and get a day pass for the popular Muscle Beach gym. The outdoor gym has impressive bodybuilders and weightlifters working out for the spectators. Beyond the gym, the beach has plenty of sand, play areas for the kiddos and a skate park. You can easily spend a day here taking in the sun, the sights and the sand.

  4. Where to Eat

    Venice Beach offers plenty of dining options from fine dining to casual bars. The promenade is one area lined with eateries. If you wait to make a decision on where to eat once you’re hungry, it might be hard to decide. Barrique offers a fine dining experience with Italian cuisine complete with a wine bar. There’s a rooftop terrace to watch the sunset, too. Komodo is a quick walk from the beach and serves Asian-fusion fare. Venice Ale House is on the boardwalk and is considered a gastropub. So you get good food in a casual atmosphere as well as a selection of 30 beers on tap. California wines are also served for the wine enthusiasts. Grab a burger or tacos at Bank of Venice and try one of their cocktails.

  5. What to Pack
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    The weather at Venice Beach can change quickly. You might want to wear layers for the breezy wind and pack an umbrella or poncho in case of rain. The pier and the boardwalk provide plenty of walking so you’ll want comfortable walking shoes. Bring flip-flops or water shoes for the beach. Pack a backpack to hold beach towels, sunscreen and any extra items. It’ll be handy for carrying any shopping purchases back with you, too.

Take in all that you can at Venice Beach. It’s a popular destination for many vacationers, and one visit usually isn’t enough.