If you are planning a weekend getaway from Washington, DC, there are many exciting activities to try in the neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia. Whether you’re a nature lover, a beach enthusiast or a city adventurer, there is always something new to explore in these states. Here are some of the most exciting weekend getaways from DC.

  1. Visit the Sandy Beaches in Maryland – Ocean City is one of Maryland’s top destinations. Your vacation in this state is not complete without spending a day or two at the beaches in Maryland, which are the closest to the nation’s capital. Calvert Cliffs State Park and North Point State Park are dog-friendly beaches. Take your fur-kid for a walk on the shore and enjoy the beautiful scenery while watching the waves.

  2. Try the Outdoor Activities in Maryland – Test your courage by trying the roller coaster ride at the Jolly Roger Amusement Pier in Ocean City or the Six Flags America in Woodmore. You can also visit the Potomac River for the best whitewater rafting adventure. If heights don’t scare you, try the Terrapin Tower zip lines In Baltimore for an unforgettable aerial experience.

  3. Visit the Historic Sites in Virginia – Start your tour in Virginia by understanding the history of the state. Learn about the American Revolution, Civil War and the many battlefields in the state. A few hours tour in the Broad Run’s Chapman’s Mill will teach you to appreciate Virginia at an intimate level. Go back in time and learn how different life was during the colonial period by paying a visit to the American Revolution Museum in Yorktown.

  4. Visit the National Parks in Virginia – The Shenandoah National Park offers a lot of outdoor activities that will test your strength. Walk and hike while admiring the magnificent views of nature. Bring your own tent and go on a camping adventure with your family or friends.

  5. Drive to National Harbor Maryland – It’s less than an hour drive, and you can also take the ferry if you want to. Ride a gondola or rent a kayak in the Potomac River. Don’t miss the Capital Wheel. This Ferris wheel gives the best views of the United States Capitol building, White House and the National Mall.

  6. Appreciate Artwork and Sculptures at the Walters Art Museum in Maryland – This museum houses a collection of Greek and Egyptian statues. Gaze at the rare paintings of world-renowned artists like Raphael, Monet and El Greco. Remind the kids to behave well while touring the museum.

  7. Visit the Norfolk Botanical Garden in Virginia – Admire the wonderful collection of photographs and paintings. Spend a few hours in one of the themed gardens like the Japanese garden and the Annette Kagan Healing Garden.

  8. Enjoy the Seafood Cuisine in Maryland – Visit the eateries in the Chesapeake Bay to satisfy your cravings for seafood, especially crab cakes. Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Baltimore serves steamed crabs and lobster. The restaurants in the area are family-friendly, and you will surely enjoy the seafood.

  9. Visit the Mansion of Monticello – Thomas Jefferson is the designer of this Palladian-style mansion in Charlottesville, Virginia. You shouldn’t miss seeing it with your own eyes.

Maryland and Virginia offer the best weekend getaways from DC. Take your family or friends with you for a one-of-a-kind adventure.