Top cities to stay in Sonoma County
Napa Valley
Avg. $360 · 1,441 properties
Santa Rosa
Avg. $221 · 404 properties
Avg. $249 · 207 properties
Avg. $371 · 158 properties
Avg. $246 · 138 properties
Bodega Bay
Avg. $363 · 103 properties
Dillon Beach
Avg. $400 · 98 properties
Avg. $250 · 97 properties
Avg. $160 · 79 properties
Avg. $228 · 76 properties
Boyes Hot Springs
Avg. $350 · 69 properties
Monte Rio
Avg. $234 · 68 properties
Saint Helena
Avg. $554 · 63 properties
Avg. $503 · 60 properties
Avg. $225 · 55 properties
Avg. $388 · 50 properties
Glen Ellen
Avg. $502 · 40 properties
Rohnert Park
Avg. $125 · 38 properties
Avg. $220 · 37 properties
Avg. $200 · 35 properties

Vacations in Sonoma County

How many cities have available rentals in Sonoma County?

There are 20 destinations with available rentals in Sonoma County.

About Sonoma County

If you're looking for places to see in and around Sonoma, check out these ideas:
  • Downtown: Sonoma's town center features a charming plaza marked by historic colonial architecture. Lush green space, shops, galleries, world-class restaurants and wine-tasting rooms make Sonoma Plaza the best place to visit in the city.
  • Sonoma Valley: If you're a wine lover, Sonoma Valley offers over 100 wineries to explore, from castles and villas to lovely chateaus. The area's verdant landscape and gentle rolling hills promise scenic Northern California beauty at its best.
  • Sonoma Coast State Park: Just over 40 miles west of Sonoma, this beautiful state park delivers a rugged and rocky coastline and peaceful private coves, perfect for summer sunbathing, fishing or picnicking.

How many rentals are available in Sonoma County?

There are 3,249 vacation rentals available in Sonoma County across several booking partners.

What is the price range for rentals in Sonoma County?

Vacation rentals in Sonoma County have a price range between $50-$6,096. The average price for rentals in Sonoma County is $300 per night.

What are the top travel destinations in Sonoma County

Napa Valley, Santa Rosa, and Windsor are the top three destinations to travel in Sonoma County.

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