Choose from 11 vacation rentals located in Manistique, Michigan. Top filters in Manistique include Internet / Wifi, Parking, and Laundry. Prices range from $90 to $209 per night. Our most popular vacation rental types near Manistique are Apartment and Hotel.

Top vacation rentals in Manistique

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Excellent(365 Reviews)
 in Manistique
Comfort Inn
Pets allowed · Air conditioner · Internet / Wifi

Discover the beauty of Manistique with a stay at Comfort Inn, a top rated Inn with amenities such as Air conditioner, Fireplace and Internet / Wifi, and more.

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Outstanding(18 Reviews)
 in Manistique
Oak Bluff Cottage (On Indian Lake) Manistique, MI: Lakefront getaway!
4 guests · 2 bedrooms · 1 bath
Kitchen / Kitchenette · Internet / Wifi · Parking

The best choice in Manistique for Cabin, for $156 per night for your (business stay, family stay, couples stay, getaway vacation, etc.)

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Excellent(145 Reviews)
 in Manistique
Quality Inn & Suites
Pets allowed · Air conditioner · Internet / Wifi

Experience the best of Manistique with this Hotel available for $101. This property is equipped with amenities including Air conditioner, Internet / Wifi and Laundry, and more.

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Excellent(12 Reviews)
 in Manistique
Terrace House: Craftsman-style in-town home
6 guests · 3 bedrooms · 1 bath
Pets allowed · Kitchen / Kitchenette · Internet / Wifi

Discover the beauty of Manistique with a stay at Terrace House: Craftsman-style in-town home, a top rated House with amenities such as Internet / Wifi, Laundry and Pets allowed, and more.

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Manistique travel guide

Let us help you plan your perfect Manistique vacation. Our travel guide highlights things to do, places to see, favorite vacation rental amenities in Manistique, and more.

Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular vacation rental amenities in Manistique?

  • Internet / Wifi
  • Parking
  • Laundry

What are the must-visit tourist attractions in Manistique, MI?

Manistique, MI is a beautiful tourist destination, offering many exciting attractions. Must-visit attractions in Manistique, MI include:

  • Manistique Boardwalk
  • Manistique Lighthouse
  • Schoolcraft County Historical Museum
  • Fayette State Park

The Manistique Boardwalk stretches for over one mile along the shore of Lake Michigan and is the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll. Manistique Lighthouse, built in 1901, is open for tours and offers stunning views of the area. Schoolcraft County Historical Museum is the perfect spot to learn about the history and culture of the region. Fayette State Park offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and fishing.

How can I get around in Manistique, MI?

You can get around Manistique, MI in a few different ways:

  • Walk
  • Bike
  • Rent a Car

For a more convenient and comfortable way to get around, you can also take advantage of the local taxi and shuttle services.

Where can I find affordable accommodation in Manistique, MI?

Manistique, MI offers a variety of affordable accommodation options. Here are a few of the best:

  • Manistique Lakeshore Campground - Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, this campground offers a variety of camping sites, cabins, and RV hookups.
  • Manistique Motel & RV Park - This motel offers clean and comfortable rooms at an affordable rate, as well as RV hookups for those looking to stay a bit longer.
  • Manistique Lakeside Inn - This inn is located on the shores of Lake Michigan and offers beautiful views and a variety of rooms and suites.
  • Manistique Marina & Resort - This resort offers a variety of accommodations, including cabins, RV sites, and boat slips.

What is the culture like in Manistique, MI?

Manistique, MI is a small town located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It is a place of scenic beauty and a tight-knit community that is proud of its heritage and culture.

  • The town is rich in history, with many historical sites to visit.
  • The people of Manistique are very friendly and welcoming to visitors.
  • The economy is based mainly on tourism, with many outdoor activities available in the area.
  • The town is known for its great food, with a variety of restaurants and cafes.
  • The arts and culture scene is vibrant, with many local galleries and artisans.

Is Manistique, MI safe to travel to?

Manistique, MI is a safe destination to travel to. Here are a few reasons why:
  • Low crime rate
  • Friendly locals
  • Plenty of outdoor activities

What are the popular shopping destinations in Manistique, MI?

The popular shopping destinations in Manistique, MI are:

  • The Manistique Mall
  • Cedar Street Market
  • Harbor View Gifts & Collectibles

What are the best neighborhoods to visit in Manistique, MI?

The best neighborhoods to visit in Manistique, MI are:

  • Downtown Manistique: A charming downtown with boutique shops, restaurants, and galleries.
  • Manistique Beach: A beautiful beach located on Lake Michigan with excellent swimming and fishing.
  • Indian Lake Trail: A scenic nature trail with views of the lake and plenty of wildlife.

Where is Manistique, MI?

Manistique, MI is a small city located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is situated along the shores of Lake Michigan and the Manistique River. It is a popular tourist destination, thanks to its beautiful beaches, natural attractions, and charming downtown.

What are the most popular vacation rental amenities in Manistique, MI?

The most popular vacation rental amenities in Manistique, MI are:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fully-equipped kitchens
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Spacious outdoor areas
  • Pet-friendly policies

These amenities allow for a pleasant and convenient stay during their vacation in Manistique, MI. Free Wi-Fi allows vacationers to stay connected with family and friends, while fully-equipped kitchens provide the opportunity to cook your own meals. On-site laundry facilities make it easy to keep your clothes clean throughout your stay. Spacious outdoor areas are great for relaxing or entertaining guests. Lastly, pet-friendly policies provide an opportunity to bring your furry family members along for the trip.

What are the top things to do in Manistique, MI?

Manistique, MI is a great place to visit with lots of fun activities to do. Here are the top four things to do in Manistique:

  • Visit the Manistique Boardwalk and Riverwalk
  • Explore the Hiawatha National Forest
  • Go fishing in Lake Michigan
  • Enjoy the unique attractions at the Manistique East Breakwater Light

These are just some of the many activities that make Manistique a great place to visit and explore!

What do I need to know before visiting Manistique, MI?

Before visiting Manistique, MI, it is important to know the following:

  • The nearest airport is in Escanaba, MI, about 50 miles away.
  • Manistique is near the most eastern point of Lake Michigan.
  • The city has many outdoor activities and parks for visitors to enjoy.

Manistique, MI is a great vacation destination for those looking to reconnect with nature. The area features beautiful beaches, lovely forests, and plenty of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy.

What is the price range for rentals in Manistique?

Vacation rentals in Manistique have a price range between $90-$209. The average price for rentals in Manistique is $151 per night.

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