Choose from 7,738 vacation rentals located in Madrid, Community of Madrid. Top filters in Madrid include internet / wifi, tv, and laundry. Prices range from $39 to $10,132 per night. Our most popular vacation rental types near Madrid are apartments and hotels.

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Let us help you plan your perfect Madrid vacation. Our travel guide highlights things to do, places to see, favorite vacation rental amenities in Madrid, and more.

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Madrid Travel Overview

The capital city of Spain is located, almost exactly in the center of the country. In contrast to the old capital of Toledo, Madrid is a modern and massive metropolitan destination. It's the perfect place to start your trip as planes, trains, and buses provide access to every city in Spain, but Madrid is an experience in and of itself so you'll also want to dedicate a few days to exploring the city.

Where to Stay In Madrid

If you're visiting Madrid, you'll most likely want to stay somewhere in El Centro, as it contains the majority of the tourist attractions and historical sites in the city. It's also important to note that the large city center is composed of smaller neighborhoods, each with its own distinct personalities. For example, La Latina is budget-friendly and loaded with tapas bars, whereas Los Austrias is the historic center of town, housing the Royal Palace and Plaza Mayor.

What to Do in Madrid

In a must-see and dynamic destination like Madrid, your possibilities are virtually endless. It's a diverse mix of history, technology, art, and culture that blend together to deliver an unbelievably rich travel experience that you can customize to fit your needs. And the city's thriving culinary and nightlife scene offers a vast array of bars, restaurants, and clubs to satiate any appetite. As an example of the choices and options you'll encounter in Madrid, the city is home to four Spanish football teams that you can watch live: Real Madrid, Atletico de Madrid, Rayo Vallecano, and Getafe Club de Fútbol.

Where to Eat

An essential part of the Spanish food experience is going to a traditional market like Mercado de la Cebada. You might not need to get groceries while on vacation, but the markets often have restaurants inside, so you can grab a quick cafe con leche, Spanish tortilla, or torta as you peruse the fresh produce. With so many different restaurant options in Madrid, you're sure to find food to suit any palate or preference, but if you're looking for an authentic experience, it's worth checking out the (highly contested) oldest restaurant in the world: Sobrino de Botin.

Arts & Culture In Madrid

Madrid is rich with arts and culture, from the many museums like the Prado and the Reina Sofia to the history that adorns its streets like the Puerta del Sol and the Gran Via, the capital city of Spain has it all. But with so many options for you to choose from, it pays to plan your visit wisely to maximize your time in town.

What Is the Weather Like?

Located in the center of Spain, Madrid experiences short yet hot summers, and wet winters with temperatures that can drop below freezing.

How many rentals are available in Madrid?

There are 7,738 vacation rentals available in Madrid across several booking partners.

What is the price range for rentals in Madrid?

Vacation rentals in Madrid have a price range between $39-$10,132. The average price for rentals in Madrid is $87 per night.

What are the most popular vacation rental amenities in Madrid?

  • Internet / Wifi
  • TV
  • Laundry

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