Choose from 5,135 vacation rentals located in Sydney, New South Wales. Top filters in Sydney include laundry, kitchen / kitchenette, and internet / wifi. Prices range from $39 to $18,106 per night. Our most popular vacation rental types near Sydney are apartments and houses.

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What are the most popular vacation rental amenities in Sydney?

  • Laundry
  • Kitchen / Kitchenette
  • Internet / Wifi

Where Is Sydney, Australia?

Famous for its striking opera house, glittering harbor, and sundrenched beaches, Sydney sits as the state capital of New South Wales and is the most populous city in Australia and Oceania. Situated on the east coast of Australia, Sydney surrounds Port Jackson and stretches about 70 kilometers towards the Blue Mountains to the west, Hawkesbury to the north, the Royal National Park to the south, and Macarthur to the southwest.

What Is Sydney, Australia Known For?

One of Australia’s most populous cities, Sydney is the crowning glory of the Land Down Under. Elegantly draped around its magnificent harbour and golden beaches, Sydney is layer upon layer of enviable attributes. One of the most liveable cities in the world and also one of the most popular tourist destinations, Sydney has plenty to offer. White sand beaches decorate the coastline creating a celestial beach paradise. Venture further into the city and you will discover a heaving metropolis, aplomb with every high-end urban activity and amenity you could wish; from museums to movie theaters, salons to supermarkets, or cinemas to cocktail bars. Buzzing electric with activity, Sydney is a place of dreams that attracts everyone, ranging from nomadic holidaymakers, adventure-ready families, up-and-coming celebrities and perhaps maybe, even you.

Popular Attractions in Sydney

  • Sydney Opera House: The fanned white exterior of this iconic building has established the Sydney Opera House as one of the most distinctive and notable buildings in Australia, and indeed, the world. One of the most famous performing arts venues on the planet, the Opera House hosts over 3,000 events per year, with two million show spectators annually, and opens it doors to 200,000 people for guided tours. An architectural marvel, the Opera House’s spectacular exterior attracts crowds who wish to take a guided tour around the just as impressive interiors or simply take several snaps of the building via boat ride around the harbor. Whatever you choose to do, a photo with the legendary Sydney Opera House is certainly a snapshot-worthy moment.
  • Bondi Beach: A trip to Australia wouldn’t be a trip to Australia without feeling sand between your toes and the golden sun on your skin. One of the most iconic beaches in Australia, Bondi Beach is composed of stretches of sugar sand coastlines and turquoise waters. Magnificent waves draw surfers to the beach like a siren’s call, and happy sunbathers kick back, relax, and enjoy a cocktail or two from the laid-back beachfront bars.
  • Sydney Tower: Marvel at the spectacular sights of the Sydney skyline when you visit the Sydney Tower. The tallest free-standing structure in Sydney and the second tallest in Australia, the lofty observation deck, that measures at 260 meters above ground level, allowing vertigo-free spectators to appreciate the stunning panoramic vistas of the Sydney cityscape.

Popular Destinations Near Sydney

  • Newcastle: Located a two hour road trip north of Sydney, Newcastle is all sun-drenched beaches, a fascinating historical harbor, and an eclectic arts scene. A city that exudes the very Australian trait of being super laid back, no-frills Newcastle is far removed from off-putting pretentiousness that can be found in other major cities. Steeped in captivating indigenous and convict history, Newcastle provides a slice of the real Australia, whilst still boasting an enviable list of stunning beaches, coastal forts, artisanal bistros, and contemporary bars.
  • Wollongong: Get away from the commotion of the city and get in touch with the plentiful array of natural features found in Wollongong. Located roughly 82 kilometers away from Sydney, Wollongong is an idyllically picturesque seaside city that attracts tourists in their hordes, thanks to its superlative location unites craggy and rocky coastlines with the white-gold stretches of continuous surf beaches. Away from the stunning scenery, you can discover a city that offers the sights of two cathedrals, several religious churches, and an array of trendy cafes, sophisticated eateries and chic bars.

Best Neighborhoods in Sydney

  • Watsons Bay: A mainly residential area, Watsons Bay is away from the commotion of the city center. However, that does not mean that this charming neighborhood doesn’t have its fun. Boasting several recreational activities and sun-drenched beaches, including one legal nude beach, visitors can take advantage of the several amenities available, whilst still being removed from the typical hustle and bustle of central Sydney. Make sure to check out one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Sydney, Doyles on the Beach, on the foreshore of Watsons Bay, where you can taste mouth-watering local dishes.
  • The Rocks: Centrally located and in close proximity to several popular landmarks and attractions, as well as boasting some of their own, The Rocks neighborhood is one of the most popular tourist areas in their city. With the Circular Quay and views of the famous Harbour Bridge on the doorstep, tourists can discover a vast collection of several fascinating historical attractions within the boundaries of this neighborhood. Along with the ubiquitous sights of kitschy souvenir stalls and crafts shops, visitors can discover an array of fascinating historic pubs, the famous Rocks Markets, featuring around 100 stalls every weekend, and a number of historic walks where you can discover several fascinating buildings, each filled with rich history.

How many rentals are available in Sydney?

There are 5,135 vacation rentals available in Sydney across several booking partners.

What is the price range for rentals in Sydney?

Vacation rentals in Sydney have a price range between $39-$18,106. The average price for rentals in Sydney is $160 per night.

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