The neighborhood you choose to stay in during any travel can drastically impact your experience of a city. New York City especially has its subcultures within each neighborhood, so you’ll want to choose to stay in the neighborhood that best suits your personality or your needs. When choosing a vacation rental, consider your budget, whether you’re looking for great nightlife or keeping it quiet for a work trip, and whether you want easy access to transportation and New York City’s attractions.

  1. The Financial District

    The Financial District is best known for the famous Wall Street. If you’re visiting NYC for business, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up here. If you’re looking for a night out on the town, then this is not the place for you, as it gets relatively quiet at night and is a fair distance away from many attractions.

  2. Greenwich Village

    This is the place for creatives and artists looking for a vibrant counterculture. As a classic and historic neighborhood, it has a romantic appeal with shops, restaurants and nightlife. While there, you can easily find the iconic Washington Square Arch or choose to visit the 9/11 Tribute Center. Keep in mind that the Village can be noisy and crowded on weekends.

  3. TriBeCa
    “Tribeca” stands for the “Triangle Below Canal Street.” Many celebrities have renovated the neighborhood’s old factories and warehouses into expensive homes and lofts, which has made the neighborhood home to some of New York City’s most expensive real estate. Although a little distant from NYC’s sightseeing, this is great place to stay if you’re looking to visit during the Tribeca Film Festival or if you simply want to enjoy the variety of nightclubs and latest restaurants.

  4. Chelsea

    This is definitely the place to stay for artists and art lovers. Chelsea used to be a working-class district, but it has been filled with chic restaurants and cute shops amongst a wide variety of galleries and theaters. You’ll find no shortage of mouthwatering foods and some great nightlife, and there’s quite a range of accommodations to fit your budget.

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  5. Times Square

    If you want the true city experience of hustle and bustle and flashing lights, come straight to Times Square in Manhattan. It’s where the entire country starts the year by watching the Times Square Ball Drop. This area is home to Broadway theaters, music studios and record labels. This area can definitely become touristy, and accordingly, you’ll find restaurants and accommodations ranging in price from moderate to high-end.

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