While family trips can be fun and memorable, planning a family trip to New York City is no small undertaking. This is especially true when it comes to finding budget-friendly and accessible accommodations. Finding the right vacation rental can really impact your experience, so consider these things before booking a place.

What to know before planning a trip to New York City

  1. What Type of Place Do You Want?

    It’s definitely a good idea to find a place that’s centrally located to all of the places you want to visit during your time in NYC. This will cut down on the cost and time of transportation in getting from your rental to your destinations. Before booking a place, consider the following: Can you handle crowds? Are on-site dining options available? What are everyone’s preferences for room and bedding arrangements? Would you rather stay in a high-rise apartment building or a vacation home?

  2. What’s on Your NYC Itinerary?
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    It’s a good idea to have a daily start and end time so that everyone knows when meals will be. In between those times, the activities on the itinerary should be valuable, enjoyable or educational in some way to every person. Keep events less than three hours in length in case someone isn’t in love with the activity. Specifically, consider matinees or early evening shows if you’re going to a Broadway show with kids. If you’re planning a museum visit, research the current and must-see exhibits.

  3. What Will You Eat?

    There are so many delicious places to eat in this big city. If there’s somewhere that you really want to try, make sure to book reservations well in advance. While adventuring around town, bring easy-to-pack snacks in case one of the kids (or adults) starts to get grumpy. It may be worth your time to find a vacation rental that has a kitchen; you can save some money by cooking meals and packing to-go foods.

  4. How Will You Get from Place to Place?

    First and foremost, it’s extremely important to have comfortable walking shoes. Second, the subway is a popular option because it’s quick and inexpensive. You can easily find the subway timetables if you look up your destination on a map app, and rideshares are an option, but it’s not always a guarantee that cars will be equipped with a child’s car seat if you need one. The same is true for taxis.

  5. Did You Do Your Research?

    Do your research ahead of time to read reviews on vacation rentals, activities, transportation options and places to eat. Look for apps that can help you can organize and save all of your locations, files, links and plans. With certain apps, you can even invite fellow travelers to view and edit your research.