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Where to stay in Beijing

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Where Is Beijing, China Located?

Situated on the western coast of China along the Pacific Ocean, the city of Beijing lies in the northwestern region of the North China Plain. The city of Tianjin is located 110 kilometers away, and Xuanhua lies 137 kilometers away.

What Is Beijing Known For?

The fascinating imperial capital of China, Beijing is a showpiece city searching for its identity, despite its long and rich history. An enthralling clash of personalities, Beijing is undoubtedly a city of contrasts. Steeped in tradition, yet paving the way for the movement of global technology, Beijing is a micro-managed metropolis marching into the future, while attempting to polish and gloss over the narrative of its controversial past. Offering Peking opera and Szechuan cuisine, Beijing is a treasure trove of sublime culture, art that provokes the imagination, and an endless list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Spinning a remarkable story of triumph, tragedy, traditions, and technology, Beijing is a city born into renaissance and reinvention.

Places to Visit in Beijing, China

  • Beihai Park: One of the most popular parks in Beijing, Beihai Park looks much as it would have been in the 18th century when it served as Emperor Qianlong's private gardens. Occupying over 68 hectares, Beihai Park stood strong as an imperial sanctuary throughout several dynasties. A stunning example of China's classical gardens, Beihai Park is home to ornate halls, serene temples, and sumptuous pavilions that provide an aesthetically pleasing shelter from the summer heat.
  • Forbidden City: Enveloped by 3.5 kilometers of fortified walls at the very center of Beijing, the famed Forbidden City is China's largest and most well-maintained cluster of antique buildings – substantial enough to welcome the 16 million visitors it annually receives. The most famous attraction in the city, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a sprawling palace complex that was once home to the Chinese emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties until the abolishment of imperialism in 1912. Showcasing the magnificence of traditional Chinese architecture, the Forbidden City allows visitors to step into the sumptuous past of imperial China.
  • Temple of Heaven Park: A sanctuary of systematic Confucian design, the 267-hectare Temple of Heaven Park is unique in its purpose. Originally serving as a large stage for dignified rituals performed by the emperor who prayed for good harvests, divine acceptance, and atonement, the Temple of Heaven Park is now open to the public for those who want to observe the wonderful spectacles of tai chi performers, gymnasts, and singers who encourage all to partake in singing revolutionary songs en masse.

Popular Destinations Near Beijing

  • Great Wall of China: Located 75 kilometers away from Beijing, the Great Wall of China is one of the country's most recognizable and iconic sights. Stretching its way through 23 degrees of longitude, the Great Wall stands as a breath-taking homage to the splendor of China's rich ancient story. With sections dating back 2,000 years, the wall's confusing origins stem from scattered Manchurian remains in Liaoning, wind-scoured rubble in the Gobi desert, to faint traces in the treacherous sands of Xinjiang.
  • Yiheyuan (Summer Palace): A sumptuous example of grand Chinese design and one of Beijing's must-see attractions, the Summer Palace was the royal retreat for emperors escaping the suffocating summer torpor of the old imperial city. An impressive complex of tranquil gardens, serene lakes, magnificent palaces and opulent temples built throughout the course of many dynasties, the Summer Palace is spread over 290 hectares and dates back to 1153.

Best Neighborhoods in Beijing

  • 798 Art Zone: The harsh industrial landscape of this East-German-built military factory area has evolved into Beijing’s artsiest, grungiest, and coolest district. Drenched with local and international galleries, art centers, and countless trendy restaurants, shops, and bars, 798 Art Zone is arguably China’s most famous contemporary art district.
  • Qianmen: With almost 600 years of history, Qianmen is central, convenient, and completely cool. While being known as a representation of the old Beijing folk culture, Quianmen is also the home of funky boutique stores and trendy cafes. Combining Qing Dynasty architecture with international stores bearing the name of global brands, concealed bookstores, Peking duck joints, and street food galore, Qianmen is one of the hippest neighborhoods in the city.

Home-types in Beijing

Beijing has a variety of property types for you to consider when booking a trip. Here are the most popular property types in Beijing:

Points of interests in Beijing

Beijing has several popular points of interest for you to check out when visiting the area. Here are the most popular points of interest in Beijing: