Sitting primly on Aquidneck Island in the Atlantic Ocean, Newport, Rhode Island, is just far enough from the big cities to feel quaint and laid-back. Newport boasts a long maritime history as it was once a major port city on the Eastern Seaboard.

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About Newport

Vacationers arriving in Newport are hit by its rich history instantly. Founded in 1639, Newport is brimming with museums and historical sites that tell tales of its origin.
  • Downtown: Dubbed the center of it all, the downtown district is full of historic homes, shops, galleries, restaurants and pubs. Don't miss a chance to explore downtown Newport.
  • The Point: This neighborhood is proud to be the home of what may be the biggest grouping of Colonial-era homes in the country. Waterfront views are breathtaking in The Point as is the effect after dark when the streets are illuminated with gas lanterns.
  • Off Broadway: The eclectic mixture of homes in Off Broadway makes a pleasing environment. This neighborhood is a quiet oasis, located a short drive from everywhere in Newport.

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There are 747 vacation rentals available in Newport across several booking partners.

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Vacation rentals in Newport have a price range between $45-$6,500. The average price for rentals in Newport is $248 per night.

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  • Air Conditioner
  • Internet / Wifi
  • TV

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