A trip to Lake Michigan offers a huge variety of travel destinations and things to do. The wildlife and wilderness will be sure to bring any visitor closer to nature. The lake is bordered by four states, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and it has more than 200 miles of beaches in Michigan alone. Many of which can be found nearly deserted on any given day. Pick a few of your family’s favorite activities, then choose a centrally located vacation home to rent. This frees up travel time between fun activities, and you can take advantage of the money saved by cooking in a full kitchen in comparison to the cost of eating out for every meal.

Things to Do and Discover

The serene beauty of Lake Michigan is what makes it one of the most sought-after destinations in North America. Spend a relaxing day fishing or at the beach or enjoy world-class restaurants with views that could only be seen to be believed.

Beach Vacations

Visit one or more of the sandy beach towns along the Michigan shoreline for low-key relaxing in the sun or high-energy activities like sailing and kayaking. Planning a dog-friendly vacation? Enjoy a sunset on the beach with your fur-buddy and splash in the water’s edge. Towns like South Haven, Holland, Grand Haven, and Muskegon deliver a charming, slow-paced feeling that makes vacationing in the beach area soothing and rejuvenating, just like a good vacation should be.

Freshwater Fishing

With a wide variety of aquatic species, 36,226 square miles of surface area, and an average depth of 279 feet, fishing is a popular water sport enjoyed in Lake Michigan. As a visitor to the area, you can rent a charter boat and have an expert guide take you to the best fishing spots. A multitude of different species inhabits these waters making it a perfect place to spend an entire day out on the water or beachside casting the rod and seeing what gets reeled in. You can also fish from the shore if the motion of the ocean is something that upsets the stomach. If you’re not into fishing but love seafood, you can enjoy a trip to one of the local fisheries or farm markets to pick up the freshest catches of the day.

Pro traveler tip: Muskegon, Michigan is known to be a hotspot for salmon, bass, trout, and many more. Be sure to check out vacation rentals here if fishing is going to be the main activity of the vacation.

Enjoy the Wineries

Moderate temperatures around Lake Michigan during the summer months provide an extended growing season for grapes. The mild temperatures create the perfect wine country setting for the sprawling acres of vineyards and more than 100 wineries surrounding the lake. There are over 150 tasting rooms in just the state of Michigan. With each vineyard and winery producing something very unique and special. There is sure to be a flavor that suits the tastebuds of anyone coming here to get a taste of the land via wine. Explore the elegance of wine country, try some new vintages and pick up some new favorite wines to buy and take home to enjoy.

Pro traveler tip: White Pine Winery and Tasting room is the perfect place to go for anyone that has a hankering for wine. With an elegant tasting room and award-winning wines, this place will make any visitor feel like a sommelier in the making.

Bird Watching

Bird-watching opportunities abound along the northern part of Lake Michigan, where the forests are thick, and the population is sparse. Catch sight of predatory birds like bald eagles, hawks, or vultures in the treetops along the shoreline. Take your camera and snap photos of your sightings, which may also include waterfowl like swans, geese, or ducks. Spending time in nature and spotting the rare bird of your dreams will be sure to make you fall in love with this magnificent area and truly feel in touch and at one with nature.

Pro Traveler Tip: The Sleeping Bear Birding Trail is regarded as some of the most revered birding trails in the United States. Be sure to bring a pair of binoculars as you are sure to see many rare and indigenous birds here

History, Culture, and Shopping

While the natural beauty and luxurious beach experience are a major reason to visit the area around Lake Michigan, there are also several historic sites and charming towns all along the shore of the lake. In addition to culture and historic venues, there are a variety of places to shop in the small towns and villages during your stay. This is the place to be for those who like shopping in quaint stores for very unique crafts and gifts. The history buff will be blown away by the magical history of this area. All of this combines to make for an amazing place to experience.

Pro traveler tip: The historic lakefront town of Holland, Michigan is sure to combine the best of all three of the best things that lake Michigan has to offer. Brilliant history, boutique shops, and a beachfront make this town a wonderful place to stay.

Where to Stay on Lake Michigan

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the United States and it also happens to be located right on Lake Michigan. If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure every day while still being able to take in the beautiful scenery of the lake this is the place to be. Check out this guide for wonderful options on where to stay.

Traverse City located in Michigan is a blend between a cute village and a small town. That being said it is a wonderful option for those looking to take a vacation on the quiet side. Boutique Shops as well as a wonderful beachfront make this a relaxing and restful retreat to Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan Awaits!

The sheer beauty of this lake alone is enough to make flocks of people come here every year. Add top-notch fishing, world-class wines and restaurants, and cute one-of-a-kind towns that will be sure to remain in the memory and the heart forever. All of it combines to make for a perfectly restful and relaxing vacation. With 4 different states to choose from, there is plenty to do here and there is certainly something to do here for any vacationer. Be sure to book a vacation here now for a truly unique experience.