Situated in northern Arizona, Flagstaff sits just to the south of the Colorado Plateau. As such, this city has enough elevation to give it seasonal weather throughout the year, unlike other cities in Arizona.

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What are some areas to visit in Flagstaff?

Those arriving in Flagstaff will want to see at least some of the neighborhoods that make this city great:

  • - Swiss Manor: Filled with trees and many nature trails, Swiss Manor is a distinctive spot to explore. It's only a short drive from Swiss Manor to the downtown area.
  • - Coconino Estates: This neighborhood sits on the west side of the city, and it's a pleasing mix of residential and commercial businesses. Anyone who wants to learn about the area can also visit the Museum of Northern Arizona.
  • - Ponderosa Trails: If you want a quiet spot, try Ponderosa Trails. The park in the neighborhood covers eight acres, and a trail system also winds through the district.

How many rentals are available in Flagstaff?

There are 1,038 vacation rentals available in Flagstaff across several booking partners.

What is the price range for rentals in Flagstaff?

Vacation rentals in Flagstaff have a price range between $39-$1,363. The average price for rentals in Flagstaff is $196 per night.

What are the most popular vacation rental amenities in Flagstaff?

  • Kitchen / Kitchenette
  • Internet / Wifi
  • TV

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