Featuring dramatic cliffs, beaches and unspoiled natural scenic areas, Block Island, RI, is a must for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Admire the Victorian-era architecture, get close to wildlife, and explore the trails as well as take in the following suggestions for an unforgettable vacation.

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About Block Island

There's plenty to do in Block Island for the whole family, and these attractions are crowd-pleasers.
  • 1661 Farm and Garden: Kids love seeing the exotic animals at this venue in Block Island's small town of New Shoreham. Get close to camels, lemurs, llamas, red kangaroos, a yak, black swans and more.
  • Southeast Light: Climb to the top of this iconic lighthouse for 360-degree views of the island. Visit the small museum and buy a souvenir of your trip from the store.
  • Clay Head Preserve: At the start of the Greenway Trails, see spectacular scenery in this privately owned conservation area. Look out over the bluffs, walk past Clay Head Swamp and see migratory songbirds in this unspoiled region.

How many rentals are available in Block Island?

There are 93 vacation rentals available in Block Island across several booking partners.

What is the price range for rentals in Block Island?

Vacation rentals in Block Island have a price range between $101-$9,999. The average price for rentals in Block Island is $582 per night.

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