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Where to stay in Moncton

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Where Is Moncton, Canada?

Along with Saint John and Fredericton, Moncton stands proud as one of three urban centers in New Brunswick, Canada. Located in the Petitcodiac River Valley, Moncton lies within the very center of the Maritime Provinces of inland Canada. The so-called “Hub City” possesses a modern population of 71,889, is the largest city in New Brunswick, and the second-largest city in the Maritime Provinces. With a stable and diverse economy that has received national acclaim and an interesting transportation history as a former railway town, Moncton is attractive to those who wish to sample life in a traditional Canadian city. Plenty of suburban areas in the counties of Westmorland and Albert surround the city, and there is also plenty to see in the neighboring city of Dieppe and town of Riverview.

What Is Moncton, Canada Known For?

Moncton has received national acclaim and recognition for doing what only some cities can claim: maintaining a steady and strong economy while keeping unemployment at a record low. It is often said to be ironic that Moncton bears the nickname of “Hub City” as the city is a well-known hub for numerous industries and sectors including education, health care, information technology, and insurance. With strong economic times, a fascinating transportation history as a former railway town, and countless leisure and professional options, one could never be bored when in Moncton.

A Quick Guide to Moncton

  • Magic Mountain Splash Zone: Tap into your inner child and splash around at Magic Mountain. As the largest man-made tourist attraction in Atlantic Canada, Magic Mountain is one of the most famous water parks in North America. With 3 pools and 11 water slides, fun and frolicking is a given when you spend a day at Magic Mountain.
  • Tidal Bore: When it comes to the city of Moncton, tricks of the eye don’t stop with Magnetic Hill. In Moncton, the tides that originate from the Bay of Fundy create tidal bores that travel upstream to the Petitcodiac River. With the highest tides in the world and 160 billion tons of water traveling in out and out of the Bay, spectating at the marvelous tide bores, set against the backdrop of a beautiful, peaceful beach, creates an extraordinary sight – not just one that plays tricks on your eyes, but also soothes your soul.
  • Magnetic Hill: You’ll be rubbing your eyes, blinking incessantly and unable to grasp the bizarrely interesting sight in front of you when you visit Magnetic Hill. A famous example of a gravity hill, Magnetic Hill provides a fascinating optical illusion created by rising and descending terrain. With its name derived from the famous optical illusion, there is so much to see and do in this small but busy Canadian neighborhood. When you drive your car to the end of the road, your car will roll backwards, but will feel like it’s going uphill. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Popular Destinations Near Moncton

  • Kouchibouguac National Park: An hour drive away from Moncton stands the family friendly, Kouchibouguac National Park. With plenty of swimming pools and hiking trails, this park is absolutely perfect for active families who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to get in touch with nature! Whether you wish to bike, swim, kayak, or hike, there is something for every member of an outdoor loving family at this magnificent national park.

Best Neighborhoods in Moncton

  • Downtown Moncton: When you visit downtown Moncton, you are guaranteed to find all the amenities that you might require during your trip. With plenty of hotels, museums, restaurants, shops, parks, churches, government offices, and banks, it has everything you need all in one place.

Home-types in Moncton

Moncton has a variety of property types for you to consider when booking a trip. Here are the most popular property types in Moncton:

Points of interests in Moncton

Moncton has several popular points of interest for you to check out when visiting the area. Here are the most popular points of interest in Moncton: