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Where to stay in Tobermory

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Where Is Tobermory In Canada?

A small community located on the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula in the Canadian municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory is a quaint and picturesque summer getaway. Located around 300 kilometers northwest of Toronto, Tobermory is worlds away from life in the bustling city. However, for a slice of the quaint city living, tourists can visit the community’s closest city of Owen Sound, around 99 kilometers south of Tobermory and connected by Highway 6.

What Is Tobermory Known For?

Dive into the depths of tiny Tobermory with its fascinating aquatic connections. Sitting at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula, this small community is a nature lover’s paradise, calling tourists from near and far, to explore the beaches, diving amenities, nature trails, unspoilt countryside, and relaxed way of life. Known as the “freshwater SCUBA diving capital of the world,” Tobermory is home to several shipwrecks that lie in the surrounding brilliantly blue waters, and therefore attracts both scuba diving enthusiasts and history buffs. A small locale where you can catch some of Ontario’s most stunning scenery and sunsets without any commotion, Tobermory should be the next place for your summer plans!

Popular Attractions in Tobermory

  • Fathom Five National Marine Park: Take a trip underwater as you explore the Fathom Five National Marine Park. Located in Lake Huron, the park seeks to protect and display miles of mysterious shipwrecks and lighthouses, as well as spearheading efforts to conserve freshwater ecosystems. Although a popular scuba diving sight, the glass bottom boats allow visitors to marvel at the spectacular sights of the shipwrecks down below without having to get wet. Off the water, you will be spoilt for choice to explore several islands that make up the park which offer several recreational activities, including camping, hiking, and climbing. Whether you’re on or off the water, the Fathom Five National Marine Park provides gallons of fun that will leave you thirsting for more.
  • Bruce Peninsula National Park: Straddling the Niagara Escarpment, the Bruce Peninsula National Park is awash with beauty and aplomb with the sublimity of nature. Overlooking a huge forested ridge, the National Park is all caves, forests, cliffs, beaches, lakes, trails, and much more. A haven of nature, the park provides ample opportunities for nature enthusiasts to explore the craggy, celestial beauty of this Canadian corner.

Popular Destinations Near Tobermory

  • Flowerpot Island: Part of the Fathom Five National Park, the Flowerpot Island is just as pleasant as its name. Despite its small size, the island is overflowing with the beauty of nature and richness of wildlife. Discover a wealth of beauty that showcases the natural world in all its glory when you visit the island, as you hike through the winding trails during the day, and camp under the stars at night.
  • Bruce Peninsula: Lying between Georgian Bay and the main basin on Lake Huron, the Bruce Peninsula is another haven of nature. A popular tourist attraction that attracts hordes of visitors who wish to explore the camping, hiking, and fishing facilities, in addition to two national parks, half a dozen nature reserves, and a bird observatory, Bruce Peninsula is a hub of outdoor activities. Whether you’re dashing about on your feet or dipping down to sit as you take in the tranquil beauty, Bruce Peninsula provides something for everyone.

Best Neighborhoods in Tobermory

  • Downtown: Downtown Tobermory is the sanctuary of many – from nature photographers to active cyclists to happy campers. Despite being the core area of the UNESCO Niagara Escarpment Wild Biosphere and home to the Fathom Five National Marine Park, the downtown area is not just a haven of nature. It is also a bustling and quaint residential area where visitors can marvel at the charming frame houses, atmospheric harbours, pleasant eateries, and comfortable hotels. Whether you stroll on the boardwalk or slip below the surface of the water, the downtown area offers something for everyone.

Points of interests in Tobermory

Tobermory has several popular points of interest for you to check out when visiting the area. Here are the most popular points of interest in Tobermory: