If you’re curious on where to stay near Big Bear Lake, California. Look no further as we have compiled 10 of our favorites of the area for you.

The Lodge at Big Bear Lake

CC0/Adrián Cerón/Wikimedia Commons

The Lodge is “the cream of the crop” if you want to experience the great outdoors while still enjoying luxury amenities during your Big Bear vacation. This Holiday Inn resort boasts a gorgeous pool, incredible food, occasional nightly events and picture-perfect rooms with crisp white linens. Best of all, it’s open all season long.

Noon Lodge at Mallard Bay

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Noon Lodge is snuggled into nearby Mallard Bay. Although it’s smaller than The Lodge, it’s also cozier, making it the perfect Big Bear vacation rental for sweethearts — or if you just want to get away from it all for a bit. The fire pit down by the water and the barbecue stay accessible to guests, ensuring plenty of outdoor fun.

Eagles Nest B&B and Cottage Suites

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The Eagle’s Nest is known for great service, fantastically beautiful rustic surroundings and one of the best breakfasts in Big Bear Lake (at least according to visitors). The owners are present and friendly to attend to your needs, even going out of their way to provide a door-to-door coffee service each morning. Guests say it feels like a “home away from home.”


Pine Knot Guest Ranch

CC0/Nigel Matthews/Flickr

Pine Knot Guest Ranch sits tucked away in a shady grove of trees, surrounded by the forest and sounds of nature. Unlike other destinations, it doesn’t offer hotel rooms; instead, the property provides access to one or more of seven individual chalets. Great views of Big Bear’s lakefront and the ability to book group events make this location truly special.

Cozy Hollow Lodge


The name Cozy Hollow Lodge conjures images of fairy tale lands full of adventure and magic. When you see it in person for the first time, you just might believe that’s true. Finely crafted cabins capped with snow, outbuildings covered in green ivy from the ground to the roof and gorgeous winding stone pathways make Cozy Hollow magical.

Big Bear Frontier

CC0/Ewen Roberts/Flickr

Big Bear Frontier looks out over the lake, keeping a watchful eye over the water. The view is incredible. This spot is located just steps away from the village, and the rustic decor adds incredible ambience and warmth. Stay in a suite or select a studio cabin for more privacy instead.

Marina Resort

CC0/Richard Freeman/Flickr

The Marina Resort in Big Bear is a stunning destination during the summer, but you shouldn’t overlook this incredible location during the winter. Crisp and cool weather produces its own stunning views of the lake while you’re tucked safe and warm inside. A piping hot Jacuzzi and kid-friendly staff make this one a winner for families with young children.

Travelodge Big Bear Lake CA

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The second of the “big chain” hotels present in Big Bear Lake, California, the Travelodge is simple but provides outstanding service to guests. It’s conveniently located near skiing, most amenities and several perfectly picturesque photo-taking opportunities, making it a dream if you’re on a budget. What the Travelodge lacks in fanciness, it makes up for in friendly staff and top-notch service.

Shore Acres Lodge

CC0/Steve Hedin/Wikimedia Commons

Shore Acres Lodge is situated right on the beach with beautiful views of the lake. It’s a strangely fitting winter destination; you’ll love peaceful walks along the water during gentle snowfalls. This is the kind of place you visit when you just need a mid-winter reset: peaceful, relaxed and free from the throngs of people present at most ski hills. It’s simply sublime.

Grey Squirrel Resort


Booking at Grey Squirrel Resort can be a struggle, but not for the reasons you might expect. This stunning high-end resort has a lengthy list of available properties ranging from simple suites to incredibly luxurious mansion chalets with space to stretch out. Best of all, they allow pets, too, so there’s no need to send Fido to the kennel when you come.