Almost 100 miles of gorgeous coastline boasting tidal pools filled with crabs, fish and crustaceans and the incredible Monterey Bay Aquarium make this part of California a favorite for visitors from all around the world. Check out these easy tips to find pet-friendly vacation rentals in Monterey, CA.

Find a Pet-friendly Location in the City or on the Coast

Explore Monterey State Beach and Del Monte Beach with your furry friend while you vacation in the Monterey Bay area. Looking for pet-friendly activities, parks and restaurants puts you in touch with the people who offer pet-friendly vacation rentals. Pop into Jacks Peak County Park, go whale watching in Monterey Bay with your pup and take a Cannery Row walking tour to tire out that four-legged friend. Monterey Bay offers a ton of pet-friendly activities, attractions and even restaurants so that you don’t have to leave your beloved pal at home. Stick close to pet-friendly activities and attractions, and you’ll spend less time worried about where your dog will be welcome.

Be Honest with Your Rental Owner

Let your Monterey Bay vacation rental owner, rental agent or travel agent know the size of your pet and his or her needs before you book a rental. Don’t try to get away with bringing a second pet when the limit at the vacation rental is one furry friend. Make sure you understand all of the fees associated with the rental of a pet-friendly vacation home, including pet deposits, cleaning fees and even additional insurance if necessary. Stick to the rental rules and make sure to clean up after your dog to ensure that you’ll be welcomed back the next time you visit.

Skip the Busy Season

Even though pet-friendly vacation rentals are available in Monterey Bay throughout the year, stick to the off-season to save big bucks on your vacation. Often, you’ll find that rental owners and agents might bend the rules a bit during the off-season because they aren’t making as much money when their vacation homes or condos are empty. The prime season in Monterey Bay runs from June until September, but repeat visitors love the months of April and May. The temperatures in the spring months are perfect for visitors who love the beaches, and there are plenty of festivals and attractions that are much less crowded in the spring than during the summer.

Be flexible with your travel time, and book very early if you’re looking for a pet-friendly vacation rental during the summer months. These types of lodgings fill up fast, so it’s important to get to know what you want before you lose your favorite rental to another vacationer. Wait for last-minute deals if you have some flexibility with your trip travel period, and you may see discounted rates for vacation rentals during the week or when a rental is empty.