River View Hotel Tbilisi

River View Hotel Tbilisi Hotel in Tbilisi
River View Hotel Tbilisi Hotel in Tbilisi
River View Hotel Tbilisi Hotel in Tbilisi
River View Hotel Tbilisi Hotel in Tbilisi
River View Hotel Tbilisi Hotel in Tbilisi

About this hotel

Located in Tbilisi City, 1.1 km from Rustaveli Theatre, River View Hotel Tbilisi provides accommodation with a terrace, free private parking, a restaurant and a bar. This 4-star hotel offers a concierge service and a tour desk.


Air conditioner
Internet / Wifi
Balcony / Patio
Wheelchair accessible
Family friendly

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Excellent(946 Reviews)

Hotel in Tbilisi

4-Star Hotel

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Free cancellationFull refund if you change your mind
Includes essentialsAir conditioner, Internet / Wifi, Parking and more
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Excellent(946 Reviews)
100% verified reviews
Jun 2024
Please give Mariam high star
There is great cooperation from receptionist Mariam
The site is excellent and I found a lot of help without confusion
Jun 2024
كانت تجربة رائعه
الفندق جميل وحلو موقعة قريب منه كل شيء ومكانه واضح ومطل على النهر الغرفة صغيره جدا ولاكن متوفر فيها كل شيء خيار جيد للإقامة في تبليسي لا يوجد مكوى للملابس لازم تطلبه من الاستقبال يوجد شطاف وجميع مستلزمات الصحة من مناشف وشامبو ولوشن للجسم متواجدة .. تجربة جميلة اتمنى لهم التوفيق 💐💐
عدم وجود اشخاص لحمل الحقائب
Jun 2024
تسكن مقابل النهر بسعر جيدا
فندق بسيط وهادي ونضيف وموقعة جدا ممتاز واسعارة ممتازة انصح به وبشدة طاقم عمل جدا ممتاز
الفطور عادي جدا
May 2024
I loved the reception staff, especially Maryam
In the center and opposite the river
May 2024
Beautiful hotel in the center city
The hotel with the most beautiful view in the very center of the city
Apr 2024
أقامة مريحة
نظافة ، أثاث جديد ، هدوء ، دورة المياه يوجد شطاف رائع للمسافرين العرب المحافظين .
مساحة الغرفة .
Feb 2024
لن تتكرر
اطلالته على النهر
الموظفين لا يتجاوبون غالباً الغرفة كانت 304 كانت متهالكة جداً السرير متهالك ومسكور يوجد حفرة في منتصف السرير وغير مريح الغلاية وصخة بشكل مقرف الحمام صابون اليدين فاضي وكلمتهم يبدلونه ولم يستجيبو لي المناشف ريحتها سيئة كانها كانت موجودة في مطبخ العزل ضعيف الى حد ما وخصوصا الغرفة مطلة على الشارع انواع الازعاج الحمام في حالة انطفاء الشفاط تنبعث منه رائحة مزعجة جداً الاريكة التي تتحول الى سرير وصخه بشكل مقزز داخلها بقع
Feb 2024
Do not recommend
Location is nice easy to go around
1. I have booked with breakfast and i specifically requested for vegan meal and i haven't served with any vegan or vegetarian meal. 2.bathroom smell bad and its really terrible 3. On last day 01 Feb 2024 by 19:20 there are teens keep knocking on the door for fun when i open the door they were laughing so drunk, i informed the reception and they were saying there is no teens, i have to Force them to come and have a look. Its shameful. 4. Dj sound noice all night we cannot sleep all night until 1 o clock midnight


How much does this hotel cost compared to others in Tbilisi?

The average price for a rental in Tbilisi is $39 per night. This rental is $0 less expensive than the average.

Is parking included with this hotel?

Yes, parking is listed as an amenity at River View Hotel Tbilisi. For more information, we encourage you to contact the property about where to park.

Is there a pool at this hotel?

We didn’t find pool listed as an amenity for this hotel. It may be worth double checking if a pool is important for your stay.

Is River View Hotel Tbilisi pet friendly?

Unfortunately, this hotel is not pet-friendly. Try searching again and filter for "Pets Allowed"

What amenities are available at River View Hotel Tbilisi?

We found 8 amenities for this rental. This includes air conditioner, internet / wifi, parking, laundry, and balcony / patio.

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