Choose from 2,997 vacation rentals located in Benidorm, Valencian Community. Top filters in Benidorm include tv, laundry, and kitchen / kitchenette. Prices range from $39 to $1,475 per night. Our most popular vacation rental types near Benidorm are apartments and hotels.

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What are the most popular vacation rental amenities in Benidorm?

  • TV
  • Laundry
  • Kitchen / Kitchenette

Benidorm Travel Overview

Located in Valencia's Costa Blanca region, Benidorm is an idyllic resort destination that deserves to be on everyone's travel bucket list. The beach town sits on the Southeast Coast of Spain — near the island of Ibiza — and offers a nightlife atmosphere that rivals that of the legendary party destination.

Where to Stay In Benidorm

Benidorm has something for everyone! Whether you prefer the relaxed and historic charm of Old Town or want to be in the heart of the action in the Levante Beach area, you're sure to enjoy your time here. On the other hand, Poniente Beach is a blend of the two with plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars to keep you entertained with a slightly more laid-back feel than Levante Beach.

What to Do

This Spanish beach town offers every type of watersport under the sun — from scuba diving to water skiing, and of course, sunbathing. Levante Beach is perhaps the most famous and picturesque of the group, with its prime location in the heart of town, but you may prefer to pull up your beach chair and settle in for a day full of fun in the sun on the much larger Poniente Beach. And don't worry, because both options have a beachfront boardwalk with shops, restaurants, and other services to keep you satiated all day long. Benidorm also has its fair share of history, culture, and art to be appreciated in addition to its festivals, events, and legendary nightlife.

Where to Eat in Benidorm

As is customary in many southern coastal locations, the traditional cuisine of Benidorm is seafood paella, and you'll find different variations of the dish at local restaurants like La Mejillonera Benidorm. To wash it all down, choose from an array of local wines made in the Alicante region or try a cup of horchata, a milky drink that's famous in the area.

Arts & Culture In Benidorm

Benidorm and the surrounding towns offer you a glimpse into the past with their historic architecture like the 18th Century Church of San Jaime and its iconic blue domes, but their culture comes alive in their frequent festivals which celebrate everything from artichokes (Festa de la Carxofa) to the town's patron saints, Virgen del Sufragio and San Jaime Apóstol.

What Is the Weather Like?

The weather in Benidorm is relatively temperate year-round, but summer is the most popular time to visit as the winter months bring more storms and cooler temperatures.

How many rentals are available in Benidorm?

There are 2,997 vacation rentals available in Benidorm across several booking partners.

What is the price range for rentals in Benidorm?

Vacation rentals in Benidorm have a price range between $39-$1,475. The average price for rentals in Benidorm is $62 per night.

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