New Orleans is a city of contrasts with brightly lit nightclubs and dark, silent alleyways, spicy Cajun food and sweet, soft beignets. This exciting city has stood between the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico for hundreds of years, making a New Orleans weekend trip high on almost everyone’s bucket list. Use these five tips to find New Orleans vacation rentals that give you everything the Big Easy has to offer.

  1. Determine Your Dates
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    While you set up your New Orleans weekend trip, remember that the Crescent City is a busy place. If your New Orleans trip falls on Mardi Gras, you will need to reserve New Orleans vacation rentals sometimes years in advance. Do you dream of watching the Mardi Gras parade from a balcony over Bourbon Street? If so, the planning is going to take some time. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Food and Wine Experience, French Quarter Festival and even St. Patrick’s Day are exceptionally busy times for a visit. If you don’t want to miss the Jazz Festival, get that vacation rental booked right now.

  2. Stick to Your Budget

    Taking a New Orleans trip ensures that you will be spending some money. Between parking, New Orleans vacation rentals, tempting tasty foods and sipping cocktails in the streets, you need to plan to have a good-sized budget in the Big Easy. Selecting New Orleans vacation rentals takes time, but there are areas of the city that tend to be less expensive than the french quarter or the Garden District. Chain hotels and even hostels are always available just outside of the tourist areas of town. Choose a pretty vacation home in the French Quarter and split the cost with several friends to save some cash.

  3. Determine the “Must-Haves”

    The heat in the Crescent City is sometimes unbearable. A nice cool pool is a luxury in the evening after a long day of exploring the French Quarter. While you are choosing a New Orleans vacation rental, keep in mind that in this city, not every home has a pool or even air-conditioning. Make a list of things that you “must have” to enjoy your New Orleans trip, and check off the list as you research your vacation rentals.

  4. Pick a Pretty Area
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    The city of New Orleans is divided into several distinct areas that provide a different type of experience for visitors. Want some peace and quiet? Choose New Orleans vacation rentals in the elegant Garden District. Streets are lined with imposing mansions surrounded by giant oaks draped in Spanish moss. This area of the city is a little quieter than the bustling French Quarter where the party lasts late into the night, every night.

  5. Kick Around Some Ideas
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    Your New Orleans weekend trip might begin at one of the beautiful and historic hotels in town. As far as New Orleans vacation rentals go, these are some of the safest options with doormen and hotel staff keeping an eye on the area. Head for a Garden District vacation home rental for more space and privacy than a traditional hotel. Select a pretty townhouse with a balcony in the French Quarter to get a great view of the Big Easy’s famous nightlife.