Whether you’re taking a family vacation or are embarking on a romantic getaway, New Orleans is a top spot. The city is known for many things, with everything from Mardi Gras to down-home Creole cooking. With its vibrant culture comes a long list of things to do in New Orleans.

  1. The National WWII Museum

    You’ll hear a lot about tours, streets and parks when it comes to New Orleans, but there are great museums as well. The National WWII Museum was founded on D-Day in 2000 and displays vintage aircrafts, documents, uniforms and more.

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  2. Preservation Hall

    One of the most famous things about New Orleans is its music. This famous concert hall is still a hot spot today. It’s great for taking in some jazz as well as other types of music—Robert Plant and the Foo Fighters have also played here.

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  3. Mardi Gras World

    The only time you’ll see the full force of Mardi Gras is on Fat Tuesday, but you can see the sights and sounds of the festival all year round at Mardi Gras World. See some of the world’s most famous costumes on display, minus the Mardi Gras crowds.

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  4. French Quarter

    No New Orleans list would be complete without mention of the French Quarter. The city’s most famous district is home to rich culture and delicious restaurants, and at least a stroll through the area is a must.

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  5. Cemetery Tours

    There are several famous “tours” in New Orleans, and the cemetery tours are perhaps the most popular. Take a guided walk through intricate tombs in cemeteries known as “cities of the dead.”

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  6. Frenchmen Street

    Less touristy than other famous streets like Bourbon Street, this area offers New Orleans culture at its best without the crowds. Check out soul restaurants, see musicians play on the street or just have a walkthrough with your family or spouse.

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  7. St. Louis Cathedral

    One of the most well-known landmarks in the city, this is the oldest cathedral in all of North America. Public tours are available through the cathedral and convent, and you are free to walk through the cathedral garden afterward.

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  8. City Park

    Simply known as City Park, this downtown park offers nature strolls, tennis courts and a small amusement park. Set up almost like an outdoor museum, there’s plenty to see here, from makeshift lagoons to gorgeous landscapes.

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  9. New Orleans Museum of Art

    If you love early 19th-century French paintings, this is a must-see. Adjacent to the indoor galleries is the Besthoff Sculpture Garden, which includes many famous French and American sculptures.

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  10. New Orleans Food

    It’s impossible to recommend just one New Orleans eatery—they’re all worth a stop. However, be sure to check out some of the authentic Creole food on Frenchmen and Bourbon Street before you leave the city.