Choose from 559 vacation rentals located in Palma, Balearic Islands. Top filters in Palma include internet / wifi, laundry, and tv. Prices range from $39 to $5,862 per night. Our most popular vacation rental types near Palma are apartments and hotels.

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Where Is Palma in Spain?

The capital and largest city of the autonomous community, the Balearic Islands in Spain, Palma sits on the south coast of Mallorca on the Bay of Palma.

What Is Palma, Spain Known For?

Mallorca’s vibrant capital, Palma is stylish and intimate, yet bursting with life. The cosmopolitan capital of the Balearic Islands and a huge Mediterranean tourist destination, this island is lively all year round with luxury hotels, trendy restaurants, elegant cafes, diverse shops, vibrant nightlife, and a burgeoning art scene. With the glistening Mediterranean Sea at its feet, this effortlessly accessible capital offers a delicious melting pot of cultures, and historic influences. Whether in the cobbled streets of the atmospheric old town, or in the heart of the grand plaças, impressive monuments, museums, galleries, and churches of Gothic splendor abound. Edgy districts happily rub shoulders with more traditional and exclusive neighborhoods, while a vibrant food and shopping scene weaves its magic across the city. Head for a seafront café, breathe the air, relax, and enjoy that first sip of ruby red Mallorcan wine.

Popular Attractions in Palma, Spain

  • La Seu Cathedral: Wonder at the gothic splendor of the city's cathedral when you visit La Seu Cathedral. One of the three largest cathedrals in Europe, La Seu Cathedral towers above the tranquil lake of Parc de la Mar and is visible from land and sea. The capital’s pride and joy, the magnificent sandstone edifice carries the weight of eight centuries of history. Inside the cathedral, you can admire a spectacular wrought iron baldaquin, created by Gaudí, which is beautifully reminiscent of a crown of thorns. Stunning stained-glass rosettes adorn the windows, forming a spectacle of multicolored lights.
  • Palma Aquarium: Take a trip under the sea and marvel at the exotic aquatic species on show at Palma Aquarium. Home to 55 tanks containing over 700 different species from the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the aquarium is home to a true gamut of international sea life. Adults and children alike will love seeing an expansive array of sea life including vibrantly coloured fish, octopus, sharks, and rays in their underwater natural habitat. With numerous exhibits that display several different species of marine life, individuals, young and old, will be educated and entertained on this fun-packed day out.
  • Almudaina Palace: Relax by the lakeside at the city's emblematic fortress of the Almudaina Palace. Sitting adjacent to the La Seu Cathedral, the original alcazar of the 10th century was all but demolished. However, this building is a gothic architectural masterpiece in its own right. Venture upstairs beyond the sumptuously dressed historic rooms at ground level to see the Pyrenean marble portal in St. Anne’s Chapel, a rare example of Romanesque style art in Mallorca.

Popular Destinations Near Palma

  • Formentera: If you’re looking for pure, white sand beaches and seas so blue, then you can find it all here on the island of Formentera. Accessible via ferry, Formentera makes a wonderful day trip of respite and provides a rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of Ibiza. The smallest Balearic island, Formentera is renowned across Europe for its gorgeous beach life and expansive choice of aquatic activities including snorkelling, sailing, and scuba diving. If you happen to be a beach bum, then you’ll be right at home!

Best Neighborhoods in Palma

  • Old Town: Get lost in the winding, cobbled streets of the city's historic quarter. Prepare to be surprised by unexpected sights from artisan ateliers and galleries, to ancient palaces and courtyards. Visit the charming Arab baths, and spectacular gothic Basilica of Sant Francesc to see its cloisters and tomb of mystic and philosopher Ramon Llull. Pleasant and compact, the lively scene of quaint cafes and restaurants provide a welcome break from exploring the atmospheric labyrinthine lanes.
  • Portixol: Known for its pretty curved bay, lined with stunning seafront restaurants and bars, Portixol was once home to a gypsy community and local fishermen. Today, the area has held on to its humble roots and is famed for delicious seafood delicacies, bustling marina, and gorgeous clean beaches that provide the best beach scenery around. Charming and elegant, Portixol is a place where you can bask in the sun and lay in the sand to your heart’s content.

How many rentals are available in Palma?

There are 559 vacation rentals available in Palma across several booking partners.

What is the price range for rentals in Palma?

Vacation rentals in Palma have a price range between $39-$5,862. The average price for rentals in Palma is $138 per night.

What are the most popular vacation rental amenities in Palma?

  • Internet / Wifi
  • Laundry
  • TV

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